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My facility doesn't have an observation policy. Basically: check the recipient's temperature (38.2 or above is a no-go), screen for allergies and past reactions, provide the information handout, educate on expected side effects and when they should call their doctor, and ask which arm they want it in.

But facility policies do vary.

Pregnant recipients still get the shots unless their OB contraindicates it.

It helps if you can have someone else there to distract a needle-phobe by talking to them as you're giving the injection. Also, showing them how small the needle size is can help too, as the needle-phobes are usually imagining that it's going to be a 16-gauge 2-inch needle going in their rear, not a much smaller one going into their deltoid.

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On 8/25/2019 at 6:51 PM, Kooky Korky said:

I always prefer the hip, but am OK with the arm.

I would hope you're ok with the arm, as many of these are set up out in the open with no exam room or privacy curtain to even make it possible for someone to "drop their drawers"

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