Flu shot job.


Anyone else done a flu shot contract position. What is the pay? What about drive time and travel time. I need the money but I think what i'm being offered is a little low. The company seems great and said that its standard to pay less than other RN gigs.


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I'm intensely curious about this. I have this (I'm sure misguided) fantasy of just sitting in a chair all day, sticking people in the arm and writing on little pieces of paper and passing out motrin and chirping at people to have a nice day. Like I said....probably a very misguided fantasy. Haha.


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yes. it doesn't sound too stressful but also pay is lower which is understandable. i just want to know what other people have been paid and if they have received travel time or mileage since Id be driving my own car.

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I did this one season about 5 years ago. I was paid $22/HR as an LPN, which for this area, isn't bad. The job was SUPER easy. I was sent to a large local retailer and offered several different vaccines, but the focus was the flu vaccine. I would have done it again, but now that retailer has its pharmacist do their own vaccines now. It was easy to earn a few extra bucks.

I will say at the end of the season several of my shifts were cancelled as the demand slowed.