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I get a flu shot every year without any problem, and took a flu shot at work this week. This flu shot hurt a lot. It burned going in, and literally made my eyes tear up. Usually it doesn't hurt at all. I work nights, and went home and to bed right after. When I woke up the area was very swollen, red, hot to touch, and very sore. I took two Tylenol and went to work thinking the new H1N1 made it hurt worse, and it would get better.

By the next morning I felt feverish, my throat was so sore I could barely swallow my own secretions, and I was having periods of dizziness. I would be sitting there charting and suddenly feel as if the room had spun sideways. I made it through the night, and went home to bed. I woke up and my throat was better, but I had nausea, a headache, and was achy all over. I was off for the night so I went back to bed, and had a really rough night. I would be cold, but wake up wet with sweat so I think I was sweating off a fever.

When I got up I had hives all over me 16 total (back, buttocks, and sides). Since I have been up I have two more appear. I am still have a headache, feel achy, and feel feverish even though it shows my temp is normal.

I called into work tonight, and plan on seeing the Dr in the morning.

This year my hospital REQUIRED us to get the flu vaccine, paid for it, and administered it. If this is indeed a reaction can they consider my call in an occurrence, or would it fall under the workers comp plan as a work related situation?

Interesting question. I would call it worker's comp as you were required by your employer to undergo this. File the claim and see what transpires. Hope your doctor is able to help you.

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My sister and some of her co-employees had complaints of flu shot reactions, too. She said the shot was painless; however, the next day her arm was very sore, itchy, red and swollen. She felt a hard knot at site of injection. I wonder if it was the brand of the vaccine? I had a flulaval vaccine, and I had no problems at all.

My sister and some of her co-employees had complaints of flu shot reactions, too. She said the shot was painless; however, the next day her arm was very sore, itchy, red and swollen. She felt a hard knot at site of injection. I wonder if it was the brand of the vaccine? I had a flulaval vaccine, and I had no problems at all.

Hmmmm....haven't heard much. My class gave each other flu shots two weeks ago. I had far less of a reaction then usual (my arm was a bit achy, but it was gone the next day).

I'm kind of interested in knowing because this kind of struck me myself...

Which of you guys have already had the H1N1? And which of you had the dead attenuated virus (injection) last year vs. the live activated virus (the snorted spray virus)?

I had the dead attenuated b/c I have a ridiculous fear of drowning, and was afraid it'd set that off (I can't stand water getting up my nose and feel like I'm drowning when it does) (Though I like to swim in swimming pools lol)

I ask this because I got 2 vaccines last year - flu and H1N1. This year I got the combo in one shot. This being said, my shot hurt like a BANSHEE going in. It didn't hurt TONS afterwards, just the normal next day ouch, but it seemed to also stay for a lot longer. I've heard of a few people having issues this year, and was wondering if there was a correlation of getting the vaccine last year or not.

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Have you notified your employer of your reaction (even though it hasn't cost you time from work yet)?

In some states, the employer has the right to choose the provider you see initially for a Worker's Comp related medical appointment. If you live in one of these states and you see a doctor of your own choosing without notifying your employer first, you may not be eligible for WC coverage for your medical costs.

Hope you feel better!

I had the seasonal flu and H1N1 shots last year. I had the seasonal flu shot this year (the shots are attenuated virus). I had a minimal, standard reaction both years (my arm was sore for the evening).

Oh and there's usually a strain of H1N1 in the seasonal flu shot...they just made it the one from last year for this year's shot.

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I get the regular flu shot every year, and have for years. I have never had a problem, it never hurts more than an average shot, and no reactions. This is my very first H1N1. My parents tell me that I actually got a swine flu shot back in the 70's as a little girl, but I don't remember it.

This shot did hurt going in. It burned something horrible, and the burn just spread out in a circle so my whole upper arm was on fire. Then after it noticeably swollen, red, and hot when you touched it. It also felt as if someone slugged me in the arm, and I had a hard knot. The entire arm shoulder area hurt when I moved my arm.

My arm still hurts when you touch it and the knot is still there, but the swelling and heat are gone. Of course now I am covered in itchy welts, and feel physically bad LOL.

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I got mine about 4 days ago at work. It had the H1N1 in it also. And yeah, it stung going in, and is more sore then a tetorifice injection, lol. I didn't have any of the reaction you did, just sounds like a small allergic reaction. I did get a migraine a couple hours after getting my flu shot, but that could've just been due to the busy night I was having, lol.

I had soreness in the arm that I received the shot in for about 3 days. I never get sore from flu shots but I did this year. Last year 2 girls I work with chose the live spray but I stuck with the shot. Neither had a bad reaction but said they could feel it go down the back of their throat a bit. I'm sure they would have chosen it again this year if it had been an option. At clinicals we are giving Fluvirin but at work where I got mine we have Afluria. I wonder if one is having more reactions than the other.

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putting my manager hat on:

a. notify dept that administered the vaccine; often employee health if hospital. you will want to get lot number of vaccine.

b. immediately notify your manager in writing-- will need to complete work comp form.

c. take picture of arm area.

d. pull out your orientation manual; look at facility intranet or in break room for information regarding going to work comp panel physician if you do not have employee health open on weekends ----weekend nursing supervisor should name or work comp.

this needs to be addressed by tomorrow.

i've heard of this type of reaction when nerve hit on entering skin..

further info.

please followup with us on outcome.

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I took a nap from 10:30 pm until now (I work nights), and the hives are almost gone, but still itchy and don't feel great. My back is very sensitive, and irritated. I had shingles about 5 years ago, and it almost feels mildly irritated like that. If you touch my back I get chill bumps all over it.

I called in to work last night it was my first ever call in. I had just woke up, felt bad, groggy still, and was going to jump in the shower. When I took my shirt off...I could see my back, bottom, and sides covered in hives. I immediately called my supervisor and told her what was going on, and that I would bring her a Dr's note (I felt bad for calling out). Wasn't thinking about anything else.

When I got off the phone I took pics of it in case it was gone by morning. I really want to know if it is a reaction to the shot so I don't get it again if its going to make me sick. After I woke up a bit I started thinking about it. My thought was if its due to the shot then I shouldn't feel bad, and it shouldn't be an occurrence for missing.

I don't really want to cause a big stink cause I really doubt I will have long term issues are anything, but if the Dr. does say its a reaction to the shot it would be nice if they said hey we won't count it as an occurrence.

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