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great article at nemours.org website:

your head aches, and so does every bone in your body. you're cold one minute and hot the next. your throat is scratchy, you're starting to cough - you may be getting the flu! more ...

make sure you don't use aspirin in children with the flu as can cause reye syndrome.

ways to minimize flu/illness:

1. use liquid soap in bathrooms.

2. disposable paper cups in bathrooms

3. seperate hand towel for each family member is ideal.

4. store up on tissues!

5. sneezing into arm sleeve preferably over hands to prevent spread germs.

6. schedule periods of downtime to promote rest during peak flu season.

7. push fluids! stock up on 100% fruit juices, sport drinks, decaffinated beverages, include water.

8. those zinc lozenges do work!

9. chicken type soups do help to loosen mucous.

10. stay home if running temp over 100.0, productive cough etc.--all except for the boss, of course!

full story: http://www.kidshealth.org/pagemanager.jsp?dn=nemours&lic=60&cat_id=20172&article_set=20446

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Karen, Your ideas were good, and so is the article. I'm keeping a flu blog, and posting both on it:


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Thank you for that timely and meaningful article ! I have used those principles for years to fend off all sorts of bugs, not just flu!

This thread serves as a reminder NOT to panic, those of us who have no access to shots. It promises to be a challenging flu season, but these common sense tips are sure helpful!


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Another thing to keep handy are those bottle hand-sanitizer that contains alcohol. They are great for cleaning your hand when you are out in public and touching items that are touched by hundreds of people (including sick snotty kids) - door handle, handrail of escalator, shopping cart, etc.

Avoid the hand-sanitizer that only contains triclosan since influenza is a viral particle and not bacterial. You want an alcohol-based solution. There are even hand-sanitizer that has lotion in them so your hands won't dry up after each use.

Speaking of triclosan - it matters not if you are using antibacterial or regular handsoap. The goal is to get the germs off your hand and into the sink. It does not matter if the bacteria is alive or dead when it washes down the sink. Make sure you rub your hand while washing - create those friction to dislodge the germs.

And if you have young kids at home (who go to school), no matter what you do, you're still going to get sick :rotfl:

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Yeah..I work in assisted living, and my hubby is paramedic...they said NO to us getting flu vaccines so we have to try to find them on our own! Okay fine, but since my hubby is high risk anyway (post MI at 31! and diabetic), and I am a nurse with elderly...I feel the urge to get one big time!

BUT..OH MY! You don't DARE stand in a line for 3 hours with elderly folks waiting for them...we are getting reports of fights in lines! Even for healthcare folks! The elderly and their families are getting vicious here! I won't EVEN get into line for 3 hours to get one...I don't have the time...but to be abused being in line???? No thanks!

I just hope my patients are covered..because guess what..chances are I will carry and get it because it is my hubby that will be taking those that aren't to the ER!

Oh well huh? GRRRR!

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