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Hello Everyone! I’m currently taking prerequisites and hoping to apply by May 2023 Lord willing. I noticed that the previous program started a post and figured why not get one started for the next class. I’ll update this post when I apply and if/when I get accepted. 

Hi @FutureNursingLegacy92 

Did you ever finish applying for the fall semester? I finished phase 2 of the process, and I find out next week what the results are. 

Hey @Jas_mm I'm waiting for the same! I've been looking at my email non stop the day after testing just in case. LOL

What speciality are you aspiring for? 

LOL me too, but I think we know for sure the week of the 19th. How do you think you did? Well, I've always wanted to become an L&D nurse, but I'm opened to discovering what other specialty I might be interested in, and you?

I think I did OK. I can't wait for the email to come for the suspense to be over. Currently I am interested in becoming a NICU nurse, but also can't wait to experience the other departments to see which I truly like best. I'm so excited but scared. 

I think I did OK too. I'm also excited but scared. Which location was your first choice?

My first is Lee campus. What about you? 

My first is Collier. 

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Did you find out if you guys were accepted?

I'm in Charlotte Days

Yes! I got into Lee Nights & Weekends. I'm trying to currently get my checklist finished. I have about 3-4 tasks left. Did you get your white shoes yet? 

I'm so excited ? 

Specializes in Former Cardiac Tech. Current LDRP Tech.

That's awesome!

And I am so undecided about what brand shoes. I'm a croc girl ?

Any recommendations?

I found 2 that I liked on Amazon. One is the bistro croc. I think I'm going to go with that one. 

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