Where to go to school in Orlando?

  1. I am interested in getting an RN degree and I wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations on which school to go to in Orlando?

    Also, can someone give me some insight on how difficult it is to get into the classes and how difficult are they?
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  3. by   EricJRN
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  4. by   marie612
    Valencia Community College has a good nursing program, you'll have about 8 pre-reqs to do before you can apply for the nursing program, i'm finishing my pre reqs right now and they're not too bad, i don't know how hard the nursing courses are, but the form explaini ng the courses say that once you enter the nursing track you must be dedicated to the hours and courses in order to succeed. Also, you must have at least a C in all the pre req courses and at least a 2.5 gpa as well as pass your physical, have cpr training, and pass the nursing entrance test. Valencia has a website that explains everything in detail.
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  5. by   luv4nursing
    Im graduating from Valencia in a few weeks and the program was great. Im not sure of your situation but I personally had to get out there working and supporting myself ASAP so I went ahead and went to LPN school first so I could work as an LPN while I did the LPN to RN bridge. 1 year for LPN school and 1 year for RN school. Still the same 2 years except I didnt have to struggle so much financially. Also the bridge program was easier to get into (no wait) and was totally online (minus clinicals). That allowed me to continue working full time throughout the course. HTH!
  6. by   LateBloomingRN2B
    Hi. The VCC program requires a 65% reading/math on the NET, 2.5 gpa on everything and at least a "C" on nursing pre-reqs (8 in all), in order to apply. If you have everything on the checklist completed (see website), you then get to enter the next accepting class. At this point they are still accepting for Fall 2008. For more info go to their website at www.valenciacc.edu/nursing. VCC admits 130 in the fall and 130 in the spring each year and 60-70 in the summer. Seminole Community College (SCC) and Brevard Community College (BCC) also have RN programs in the Orlando area, however, they don't admit as many students as VCC and it's based on the point system, etc. However, SCC does offer a night program. I hope this helps.