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  1. hello my name is jacelyn,
    i go to valencia community college at the momment. i have a few questions for those that are in the nursing program, or working on getting into the program just like me =)

    Im just going to explan my issue...i hate math. i first wanted to major in sonography, tho i ended up getting stuck in the lowest prep math class at valencia. I have taken the math class twice and still can not pass it. iam intrested in nursing not only becouse i want to help others and working in the medical feild, but i see that you dont need a math in the prereqs. is this true?

    2nd question how long is the waiting list for the program as of 2011?
    and last what science classes are the easyest to take for the prereqs.

    thank you so much, give me lots of input!!!!
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  3. by   nikkifox
    No offense but you shouldn't consider nursing because it barely has math. Nursing is extremely difficult and deals with calculations. Also the program is extremely taxing. Also, there is no "easy" science classes on the way to becoming a nurse. Science is a major part of nursing. Maybe you should reconsider your choice of nursing because there are already enough of them taking the easy way out.
  4. by   jacelyn
    i have many reasons why i want to become a nurse. i understand that nursing is not an easy career.

    i never said it was the easy way out, i asked if there is any preq. of math for it.
    if you look at valencias nursing program it dosent say anything about college math. my probelm is algabra. (if you really need to know)
    the only math that is involved IN THE PROGRAM is Pharmacology calculations, now that is a class i would have no problem with.
    and as for the science there is diffrent options you can take, you can choice whitch bio, and chemistrys you want to take for the prereqs.
    and just like anyother college student i want to know whitch class is harder and what teachers are harder. its not the easy way out at all, i just want more info on the program. so thanks for answering my questions
  5. by   Jasmin_sunset
    Hi there,

    It is true that you don't need College Algebra in order to get into the A.S. program at Valencia; however if you want to get a Bachelor's degree later on, then you need to take that class and Statistics as well. I go to the Osceola campus and I took *******for College Algebra and ******* for Statistics. Both were amazing teachers! I've heard of people who have gotten into their class because they struggle with math. Into the nursing program, you will need to be confident in making conversions from different unit systems and if you want to take the BS you also have to take Intro to Chemistry. It sounds as if that class is easy when you read the word "Intro", but in fact, I though it was one of the most difficult classes I've taken so far (for me, that class was harder than Microbioloy and Anatomy & Physiology ). In order to succeed and pass Intro to Chemistry with a decent score, you need to be really good at math! Also, if you want to pass the TEAS test, you have to be quick in your math problems because there is a lot of math involved. Regarding the science classes for the A.S., you need to complete with a grade of C or better, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, and Microbiology. Plus, you have to take all of those science classes in campus because of the labs required. My last piece of advice is, go into the library at Valencia, borrow the "Essentials of Nursing" book and the "Dimensional Analysis" workbook. Read chapters 22 and 23 in the Nursing book and do some of the math problems in the other book. Then judge if you would like to go into Nursing school. It would be a shame to invest effort and time in a carrer that will not make you happy. Good luck to you! I hope you make a good decision.

    --Note: The waiting list for Nursing is 5 terms as of August 2011.
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  6. by   Valencia2012
    Hey Jacelyn,

    As another person posted, it is definitely not a good idea to decide to do Nursing because College Algebra is not required for Valencia's program. However it is required, along with Statistics, when you move on for a BSN. And with the way things are going now, it is almost essential to acquire a BSN. If you are struggling with prep Mathematics, I'm going to tell you that you are going to have a very difficult time in College Algebra.

    Also, you can't choose what science courses you can take for Nursing. Everybody has to take Microbiology and A&P I & II. Pre-req for Micro is Biology I w/Lab. Those four courses alone are 16 credits and a lot of work. You will also need to do Chemistry when you move on to BSN.

    From what I heard about Valencia's program, it is difficult.

    Purely constructive criticism as well, you really need to work on your spelling and punctuation. That's not going to work when you are documenting in a patient's chart for example.
  7. by   Silverdragon102
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  8. by   warrensangels
    I am just beginning this myself too. I applied @ Valenica. I start in January 2012. I also scored very low on the entrance exam. They suggested I take the prep math classes. I hate math. I know I want to be able to be a good nurse. Be confident with my schools. So I am going ahead and taking the prep courses. In turn I do want to pursue my BSN.

    There is alot of help if you are struggling with math. Tutors, other classmates, websites and even youtube. You can this. Just have confidence in yourself and that this is what you truly want to do. Set your mind to it and do it.
  9. by   beingthankful
    Hi Jacelyn!

    Welcome to the forum & VCC. I think it's great that you're considering nursing. As you're just starting out. The best thing I can suggest is to leave math alone for a little while. You might be psyching yourself out about it. Sit back for a little, continue taking the other courses. As others said, you'll have to take Microbiology (which has a pre-req), A&P 1&2, Developmental Psych (which has a pre-req) & nutrition.

    All of these have elements of math in them. However you said only algebra is an issue though. My AP teacher did have some formulas & equations to use when dealing with hydrostatic pressure (don't worry, you'll see it soon) but otherwise it wasn't too bad. Same for nutrition.

    One thing that I would say definitely, don't be discouraged. LOTS O people don't pass math the first few times. It'll click eventually. Luckily, VCC takes the perspective that just b/c you don't have a perfect history doesn't mean that you won't make a great nurse. So as long as you keep your overall GPA at 2.5 you'll be fine.

    Good luck!
  10. by   jacelyn
    thank you all for your input and help