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So who here will be starting the program at Valencia in Spring of 2011. I figured this would be a good place to share our excitement and questions.... because that e-mail we just got with our... Read More

  1. by   diamondp17
    I really want to go back to school full-time.... but I also need to still work full-time (Impossible I know). I was wondering is Valencia bridge LPN to RN mostly online? or is that just the pre-req's? I really need a school that will work around my job and children. I am looking at Excelsior LPN-RN and I know they are accredited by SACS and NLNAC but I am so afraid it will be so hard to find a job compared to someone who did the classes on campus. Another thing about Excelsior is there are certain states like California and New York that will not accept that school and I really don't want any restrictions on my licenses.
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  2. by   sexyeve
    Hello everyone:
    I'm going to start the nursing program in January 2013. I just need information where I can find used books and everything else cheaper. I just received the letter to enroll in spring 2013. I already bought Fundamentals of Nursing and I'm reading some of the chapters. Can anybody help me with this!!! Thanks...
  3. by   BabyNurseNY
    I bought my books on amazon, but has some good deals too. Some of the other books are not used a lot, I don't think I ever opened the Taber's book, or the diagnostic tests book they want you to buy (im in the 4th semester). As for the reading, when I started last fall the first chapters we did were on hygiene and on pressure ulcers/skin integrity but eventually you will read pretty much the WHOLE book!
  4. by   sexyeve
    I want to know if the Fundamentals of Nursing book have a new edition. I bought already the 7 ed and I'm reading chapters 32-34. I'm going to try to buy my books used to save $. Sorry that I bother you, but I'll like to know if the program is really hard. Everybody is telling me that is hard and they give you at the end of the semester a test to see if you pass the semester. Also, where I can buy the stetescope and the materials cheaper. Thanks
  5. by   BabyNurseNY
    I am not sure if they have a new edition of the book sorry. As for a stethoscope, I just looked online for the cheapest, but not the crappiest one I could find. For the blood pressure cuff, just find a real cheap one because you wont use it after the 1st semester. The program is not easy but it is doable. I work part time and take a UCF class along with Valencia and I'm doing good. You have to stay on top of your readings, listen to what they emphasize during class and just take it week by week. They don't do just 1 test to see if you pass the semester. They have the 3 or 4 tests for the content you are going over and at the end of each semester they have a HESI exam, which is just cumulative. Which all count for a certain amount of points towards your grade. In the nursing program, your overall grade from all the tests must be a 77 to pass the semester. I found the 1st semester the hardest because they give you so much reading to do and many skills to practice, but it does get better!
  6. by   FDW630
    If the fundamentals book is Potter and Perry, then yes there is a new edition. I have the 8th edition. Generally, there is no difference in editions besides a chart moved on a page or an extra picture. Google might be helpful in finding out what has changed between 7th and 8th edition, but odds are you can get along just fine with the 7th. Certainly for pre-program reading. Amazon is great for stethoscopes. I got a littmann classic ii for $65.
  7. by   sexyeve
    nicki6702: Thanks for your information about the grades and the tests. I hope I can pass everything. What method do you use for studying and practicing the skills.

    FDW630: I have the 7th Ed of Potter and Perry and I don't want to spend to much money on books. I know that they have an elsevier bundle that brings couple of books, but is almost $500 .I will like to know everything to be ready for Nursing I. Thanks for your help. Please don't hesitate to write if you know any information. Thank you.