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I was looking through the site and realized there was no place for USF Fall '12 applicants. Just wanted to know who was applying and for what program? Good luck to everyone!... Read More

  1. by   gator88
    Thanks fuel4life,

    I was wondering about the password on the kit site too. By the way everyone, if you go to Unbound Medicine | Nursing Central for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile, and the web instead of the USF computer store site to purchase the nursing central software you save almost $40! On the direct site its $111 total (no tax) while the USF site is $139 + tax ($147). Just thought I'd share since we're all spending a lot and every bit saved helps. It was great meeting you fuel4life btw. I'll keep an eye out for you at pre-Immersion. (it's jason in case you don't remember )
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  2. by   gator88
    Well I e-mailed Manny and he said its not exactly the same and to buy it from USF. I'm still skeptical though because the list of things included on the direct site matches the paper we were given, but in any event it might be safer to just buy it from USF. Just wanted to share what Manny said before anyone bought it from the direct site.
  3. by   fuel4life
    Thanks Jason - it was nice to meet you also! I'm tempted to save the $40 too - it's just scary if it's not exactly the same.

    Do you still have the list of the books that the previous students said def. buy to keep and one's they would rent? That would help me a lot - good luck on finding a place to live and making your way over to Tampa
  4. by   gator88
    Thanks Karla, can't wait till I'm actually all moved in! So I rechecked the list of products included in the USF computer store version to the list on the direct site and the direct site is in fact missing two things that the USF product has. So I guess they aren't the exact same thing. O well.

    The previous students didn't tell me which to rent vs. buy, but they did tell me that they never once opened the Clinical Nursing Skills book as well as the Nursing Diagnosis Handbook (she said everything in here is on the nursing central software) . I might rent the first one still just to be safe. The Calculate With Confidence book is just a math reference book to help with calculating drug dosages so I went ahead and bought the 4th ed. (instead of the 5th) for about $6.00 here Calculate With Confidence by Deborah Gray Morris,... at in case anyone else wants to do that. Everything else I'm getting on Good luck!
  5. by   kristykat
    Just wanted to pop my head in here real quick & says congrats to the incoming class! I just graduated from the 2nd degree program last weekend. It's a tough one so be prepared but also hang in there. I'm getting into full nclex study mode but I'll try to log on here every now & then to answer any questions.

    Again, congrats & good luck!!
  6. by   fuel4life
    Congratulations to you!

    Good luck on the nclex - I'm sure you are well prepared and will do great!

    Any advice for the first semester ?
  7. by   USF_ROCKS
    I wanted to congratulate to everyone that got accepted to the program!!! I am an upper division student in semester 4. I remember being so nervous at first because like you I did not know what to expect, but trust and believe, it will be fine. At first it might seem like it's a lot,but don't give up! It is a hard road but in the end we will be able to look back and say: WE DID IT!
    A tip would be to review the notes from the powerpoints everyday while the information is still fresh in your head. (Some of the students did not do it, and it just makes it a lot harder later on, because ALL the material builds upon earlier lessons),not to mention a lot of stress at the last minute before tests. Besides, you will feel more comfortable at clinicals . What I did was, I recorded the lectures,that way if I didn't understand something, I could go back and listen to it. (BTW: You guys might found a recorder useful particularly in Pathophysiology, Dr. Gwinn talks very fast in his lectures). Then I would read the power points notes + notes I had taken during class (I did not review them every day - something I should have done). Another tip is to really know your Pharmacology. I found that one to be the hardest class in semester 1. It's a lot of memorization. That is one of the most important classes you will ever take in nursing school. If you guys have any questions or need any more tips,feel free to ask! Congratulations once again!