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:clown: WELCOME :clown: If you're applying to the University of Florida's May 2010 accelerated BSN program in Gainesville (aka class of 2011), this thread's for you! Applicants, current students,... Read More

  1. by   aboo2488
    I was taken off the waitlist!! : )
  2. by   mdaniellek
    Congrats!!!!!! How were you notified? Ahh I'm nervous now!
  3. by   krystin587
    Congratulations!! I looked at the Facebook group and it looks like someone else who was originally denied and appealed it received the news that she got in.. so now I'm suuuper nervous! Fingers crossed!
  4. by   mdaniellek
    What does it mean when someone petitions? Does that mean they didn't get in or wait listed, appealed the denial, and got in before the wait listed people?
  5. by   krystin587
    There were three groups of applicants originally: those who got in, those who were waitlisted, and those who were denied. The applicants who were originally denied had the opportunity to appeal this decision and I believe their application was reviewed again along with the waitlisters.. I'm not sure how they are then ranked with the waitlisters based on decisions to be allowed into the program but it looks like it was an equal playing field. So yes.. now I'm just terrified that those who got in were notified yesterday, and those who didn't will be the last to be called! Hopefully they're still making their good news phone calls!
  6. by   krystin587
    ..anyone else? Still no word here
  7. by   Orange and Blue
    I still haven't heard anything either... I'm starting to get nervous that the ones that got in were called on monday and everyone else will be getting rejection letters in the mail hopefully this isn't the case
  8. by   NP Sam
    that is what I think also...
  9. by   aboo2488
    what is the name of the group ive tried searching but cant find it.
  10. by   Orange and Blue
    I wish I could be posting something positive but I just wanted to write this to help inform those that were/are still waiting. I got my letter of denial in the mail today. I am pretty sure we were right in saying that the people that got in were called monday/tuesday and the rejections were notified by mail... hopefully you guys have better luck! Congrats and good luck to everyone who did get accepted!
  11. by   aboo2488
  12. by   NP Sam
    yup got mine too... good luck everyone
  13. by   aboo2488
    how big is the class?
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