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I am a pre-nursing student attending UCF Orlando Campus. I am applying this summer to Cocoa Beach and Daytona Campuses to start Spring 2013! Eeek! I know there have been other forums regarding... Read More

  1. by   lmrossitto

    What are your stats? And what campus(es) did you apply to?
  2. by   K.rochelle
    @lmrossitto: yours are good too. Did you get your email yet? U must stay crazy busy with that course load.
  3. by   lmrossitto
    No, still waiting... I think there are still a few others waiting like I am. Yes it is crazy (plus I work 30-40 hrs/week). Sometimes I don't know whether I'm coming or going... the weeks just blur by. But I consider it preparation for nursing school. Still arguing with myself as to whether I am going to work at all during a program, or not. What about you? Are you planning on working while in the program?
  4. by   lmrossitto
    I GOT IT!!!! Just came in like 30 seconds ago! GOOD LUCK TO ALL SEE YOU 10/30!

    For those who don't make the cut, please read:

    This is the 4th time I have applied to UCF's Nursing Program (applied 2x Orlando campus & 2x to Regional Campuses). Was Denied all previous times and just got denied to BCC's program last week. 5 Denials and I never gave up. But I did cry (a lot), and got angry, and worked my tail off to improve my GPA and scores. What I am saying for those who don't get in this time, DO NOT GIVE UP! I didn't. Just keep swimming...
  5. by   ArrowRN
    Hey I just got an email!!! for interview
  6. by   mc0323
    wow nice it seems like a lot of us got called for interview.. does this mean we all getting in? or that we are border line
  7. by   ArrowRN
    It group interviews, that's a little wierd, if it was a determination on who they choose, I think it would be a one on one interview. I think its more a formality and to deny people who did not pass the background checks. Else it feels like american idol with a group of us sitting wondering who is the one thats chosen, it makes more sence that we are in, provided we pass the conditions in the email.
  8. by   lmrossitto
    At the information session Alton said that those who are chosen for interview are provisionally accepted. The interview determines whether you get in right away or if you get on the waitlist. The waitlist expires the first week of spring semester, but he said that it is common for those waitlisted to get bumped up as many students opt for different programs or choose other things. There are 35 spots for each campus and my guess is that they hold up to another 35 for the waitpool. That would make a total of approx. 140 interviewees (+/-).
  9. by   mc0323
    American Idol jaja I know it is more stressing with all of us sitting there, but I hope you're right and that's how it works. I'm sure they won't have us spend a 100 bucks on background and everything if we weren't really "in". I can't wait till the formal congratulations you're in
  10. by   mc0323
    but there's only about 6 appointment times on the 30th where 4-6 people will be in each one.. i don't know how they will fit that many people in those interviews.. I guess we will see when the day comes
  11. by   kikila
    I got an interview!
  12. by   K.rochelle
    Quote from man-nurse2b
    Hey I just got an email!!! for interview
  13. by   K.rochelle
    @lmrossitto: As of right now i plan to work during the program. I'm used to going to school full time and working, but I'm sure the program will be a whole other playing field. I'm glad u got an email btw. See ya on the 30th, maybe.