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I am a pre-nursing student attending UCF Orlando Campus. I am applying this summer to Cocoa Beach and Daytona Campuses to start Spring 2013! Eeek! I know there have been other forums regarding... Read More

  1. by   lmrossitto
    I know! I don't think they disqualify anyone, plus they are supposed to tell you if you missed/forgot something on your application...we'll see
  2. by   ArrowRN
    I applied solely for Daytona...no email yet But myucf has something different in the degree audit.
    Can someone tell me what does their degree audit show? My finally came up on myucf with the nurse pending in there and I click the result tab, it was never there before, but now its saying my prerequsites not satisfied with a big red X is anyone who applied have this?
  3. by   kikila
    I havent gotten anything either so do u think we find out monday? or do your think they are still sending emails?
  4. by   ybbawilliams
    Quote from laurenmalauren
    same here... except im seeing people got interviews with everything lower than mine... maybe we got disqualified somehow?
    There is no way that we would be disqualified for having really great scores.
  5. by   kikila
    I wonder if its alphabetical...what does ur last names start with (the people that haven't heard anything)

    mine is S
  6. by   mc0323
    I don't know where it shows the degree audit on the myucf
  7. by   ybbawilliams
    My last name is williams. W. I thought the same thing. Maybe that's it.
  8. by   ArrowRN
    can someone who applied to Daytona goto ucf and login to myucf then on left menu click "student records" Academic History" "degree audit" then go to the results tab, and next to nurse pending click "view audit"...tell me what you see...are they all green checks or any with X? I'm wondering if this is a sign that we are in processing stage still.
  9. by   lmrossitto

    I looked in mine but under the results section I have nothing. However I am a current psychology major (graduating in Dec!) and this probably makes my degree audit/info different than others
  10. by   ArrowRN
    lol mc0323 I think I just posted the answer to your question before even reading your question.
  11. by   lmrossitto
    My last name starts with an R. This could very well be a reason for waiting... They would be sending at least 100 emails (35 each campus plus extras for waiting list, all pending the interview) it might take the server a while to deliver them.
  12. by   ArrowRN
    I am an AA transfer from Florida State College Jacksonville, mine my look different , I guess....My last name is S...I've always been towards the bottom of the roll call ...so I'll be stalking my email and allnurses.com for the next few hours
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  13. by   lmrossitto
    This sucks! But maybe we are "destined for Daytona" (anybody like the alliteration?). Perhaps cocoa campus prospects have their interviews on 10/30 and ours are on another day (not halloween...) because otherwise that would be a lot of interviews for one day.