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Hi everyone, first post here, feel free to move it if I'm in the wrong place. Great site! I'm in the Tampa area. I'm wrapping up an LPN program in 2 weeks (woo hoo!) and looking to bridge to my... Read More

  1. by   bruno23
    So I realize that this post is from about a year ago but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. I am signed up to start the LPN program at Erwin next year. My ultimate goal is to become an RN. I hope all of you got into the SPC program and are well on your way! I was wondering how you felt about the program at SPC? Do you reccomend?

    I was told they give preference to Pinellas County Residents but you guys all live in Tampa it seems. That is the case for me too, so is this true? Also where so they do their clinicals at? I know it's a long shot since this is an old post but Thank You ahead of time for your help!
  2. by   stacey2275
    Hi Bruno23,
    I am probably the only one out of this thread that lives in Pinellas County, but we have a lot of Hillsborough and Manatee County students in the program at SPC. I don't think they give preference either way as to which county you live in, because this is the first I am hearing that.

    Because so many people are going LPN to RN versus the traditional route of just RN, there are many more applicants then there used to be, so the program has made a few changes as far as getting in goes, from what I've heard. They still do not compete as far as GPA goes, but obviously if you have a higher GPA and all your pre-reqs are done, you'd be in no problem if they haven't filled all the spots. It's on a first come, first serve basis, so if your app is in way before the cut-off you may make it in the first time you apply. Once they fill the spots, they are now doing a lottery to fill any unexpected spots in case some people don't pass the background screening, drug test, etc.

    Frankly, I have been a little disappointed in the program thus far. I am due to graduate in December and entering the last semester of the program. The LPN to RN portion is constantly changing their curriculum, the order they proceed as far as units throughout the semester, and powerpoint presentations, and nothing has seemed very organized. I am highly organized, almost to the point of OCD, so it makes me crazy! And just like any school, there are some instructors that give fantastic lectures, and others that read straight off a powerpoint and won't answer any questions at all, even if the material is contradicting.

    I went over to Galen last week to sit in on a lecture to do a presenter critique for my speech class. I was very impressed not only with the facility, but also with the interaction between the students and this particular instructor (and the instructor wasn't doing this for our benefit, she had no idea why we were sitting in). Their lab for doing mock hospital work-ups is a much newer state of the art set up than what we have seen at SPC. And it's been worthless to even have it there, considering in two full semesters we have only gone into it once for maybe a 30 minute thing.

    The powerpoints are posted online for us to review prior to lectures, but then you get to class and find out they changed the powerpoints that morning, and are going by the new ones that are just now posted. So you can't even follow along when it's a good instructor who gives a good lecture and be able to take notes because the slides are completely different.

    A few of us have complained to administration about the way things have been and they responded that things would be better this semester. The program director has been great, she has received a lot of complaints, and said she completely understands the frustration we are experiencing and has said that there will be no changing of powerpoints once posted and no changing order from what the syllabus states. I am hoping that is true for the upcoming semester.

    All I can suggest to you as far as programs go, is to get a tour of each of the schools you are interested in, and try to meet students here on this site to gain "insider info" on how they feel about their program, but talk to a few students of each, because everyone has their own opinions.

    Good luck to you!
  3. by   Nicole82RN
    I am entering level three, this fall with a completion date of May 2011. If I am correct once you have your LPN, you get right in, last semester we had students from Tampa as well as Manateee county, I'm under the understanding that the rule is for the generic students.
  4. by   stacey2275
    That is the way it has been run up until this fall 2010 semester. They are being overwhelmed with applicants for LPN to RN, so once the spots have been filled, the rest go into a pool for lottery. I have 3 friends still waiting to see if they are getting in for the fall term. Everyone caught on to the LPN smooth entry so now everyone is going that route. Glad we got in when we did Jermece!
  5. by   bruno23
    Thank you for your help. I am suprised someone replied. I have an Associate in Liberal Arts from HCC but I have been denied to their RN program. They have about 100 seats to 700 applicants so it's pretty tuff. Unfortunately I do not have straight A's. I have not talked to SPC about their program only reading their website. Do you know much about their RN program, instead of LPN to RN? Does it work the same way? Do you suggest trying the route?

    Arg... I'm kinda frustrated.. I know I can do it, it's just a matter of getting in somewhere. If I do choose to go LPN to RN at SPC I sure hope they are doing it the sameway - first come first serve. It wouldn't be until sometime in 2012. I will start the LPN program in the start of 2011. (12mths)

    I am sad to hear they are so disorganized. I was told by someone they were a good Nursing School. I have looked into Galen. They seem like a good school but expensive. The cost is about the same as going to a University. I sure hope things get better for you all.. I can only imagine how frustrating that would be! You seem to have a good head on your shoulders so I am sure you will make it! Hopefully she did listen and will make a change!