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:bugeyes:I looked online at my results. I would most definitely purchase the TEAS study guide and/or www.amazon.com/McGraw-Hills-Nursing-School-Entrance-Exams/dp/0071599371 . studying should be ur... Read More

  1. by   virginia2009
    [quote=ppersad;4048752]Thank you so much. Have you used McGraw-Hill's study guide? Do you know if the test is similar to those practice tests in that study guide? Have a happy new year!

    I would really recommend use McGraw-Hill's study guide. It helped me.
  2. by   Summerwind
    I just took the test yesterday, i passed it (according to my school requirements).
    I got a little over 80% total and i am not going to retest, i m just happy it is over with. Call me a slacker:-)

    1) The worst part of the test - it is timed. You only have that much time. 2 out of 4 times i literally had 30 seconds to answer 4 questions. Math was especially bad.
    2) Reading - 43 questions, i don't remember, you have 60 min i think. There are several short texts and you have to answer questions about them. For example: what is the main purpose of the passage (to inform, persuade etc). Reading was not hard, just read carefully and think. The questions are not tricky.
    3) Math - 30 questions. You have 65 min, i think. I scored the highest here. Know fractions! Many questions on that. Also, you better know how to divide and multiply large numbers. I forgot how to do it and it took me a few minutes to figure it out - time lost. Data interpretation - know how to read data (graphs). Measurment. All the questions on convertion F to C - they give you the info, you only have to multiply/divide. Make sure your answer makes sence. You have to be exact, their options are very close, for example 453.67 or 454.01. So you can not estimate, really.
    4) Science.. 48 questions. I finished in half-time, so don't worry, here you have plenty of time. Anatomy - there were many questions on that. I know some posts say there was only 1, i had maybe 5-6. I don't remember exactly what it was though, sorry. Life science, Earth and Physical science, and scientific reasoning. Let's see, if i remember anything. 1 genetic question, so know the parent/offsrping thing. autotroph/heterotroph.
    5) English. 30 questions. my weakest (english is my.. third language), but i still did ok.. grammar and word meanings in context, spelling and punctuation, structure. Like there is a sentence part of which is in a wrong part (bakes a good pie my mom) choose the part that is in a wrong part of the semtence. This was easy. Word meaning in context was the hardest for me. Pay attentions on the words around the underlined one and do not make assumptions - work with what you have. It should be easy for a person who grew up here though. You will have plenty of time for this section, too. i finished early.

    Sorry i don't remember anything in particular. The text was very stressful for me, the time, the amount of questions, it was more than i expected. I thought the questions were hard. I was glad when i was done with it and got my results.
    Good luck!
  3. by   emrebeth3
    Quote from SmilesNoir
    Wow to applied vs admittance rate!! Trinh..

    Trust when I say.. study the McGraw guide. One of the science questions was based off of the first page.. Some kind of question about Bolus was onthere too!

    BOLUS means chewed food... for anyone wondering lol
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    Hello, i am having trouble downloading the FREE MCGRAW book from rapid library. PLEASE HELP! it takes me to the besite then says ERROR
  5. by   emrebeth3
    AHHH sorry everyone... i got it figured out! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for the website TIM! IT IS GOING TO HELP TREMENDOUSLLY.
  6. by   Angelito1981
    I know that it's an old thread but I have few questions that I am looking for some clarifications. 1. How is the sequence of the test?ex. SCI., MAT., etc. 2. Can you go back and forth on a test subject 3. I have been studying for almost a month now but it seems it is not enough especially for the science part alone. Any advice on which part I should concentrate more on. I bought the ATI study guide, btw I am taking the TEAS exam for Keiser on the 19th of this month. Thank in advance...
  7. by   emrebeth3
    i would not study the science section in the ati book. get the mcgraw book. its sooo much better.
  8. by   Angelito1981
    Quote from emrebeth3
    i would not study the science section in the ati book. get the mcgraw book. its sooo much better.
    So are you saying that the ATI science reviewer is irrelevant to the test? or not indepth. I have been reading my chemistry book and Mc Graw A&P book also. Thanks for your advice btw.
  9. by   MrsRuffin
    Hey Everyone! I am taking the TEAS test on APril 2nd and my weakness is the math part. Does anyone has any suggestions or know what I should really concentrate on studying? Thanks Mandy
  10. by   emrebeth3
    get the ati study manual it is EXACTLLY the same material as on the test. I wouldnt trust the science section on it though. but math is def. legit on the ati study guide manual
  11. by   luvs2bike
    Phew! Just took the test on Tuesday and got a 93.5%. Thanks to everyone who recommended the ATI and Kaplan guide! They worked wonders for me. It was pretty basic and definitely easier than the SAT and GREs as far as pacing goes. I had plenty of time to answer all of the questions, and enough time for Math and English to check all of my answers twice.

    I totally forgot that I had to take the test until the Sunday before...when my phone beeped....so if you're a slacker like me, don't despair. The TEAS isn't as hard as it seems.

    I started studying the Sunday before and crammed after work Monday. After I looked at the ATI book I realized I needed more help for the science section, so I biked on over to Barnes & Noble and bought the Kaplan book, and an NLN book for good measure (you can never have too much test prep material).

    It took me about 10 hours to read and do all of the questions in the ATI book. Then I got up early the day of the test and did the two practice tests in the Kaplan book. In between the exam breaks I continued cramming my science portion and reviewing the physics and earth science sections (which were hard for me since I've never taking those classes). I also had to brush on on bio since I took it in highschool over 15 years ago (There was at least 4-5 problems on every practice test on Mandelian genetics, and sure enough it was on my test). Every time we had a bathroom break I would cram the science knowledge and do a quick review.

    Here's what I ended up with:
    97.5% Reading
    97.8% Math
    90.0% Science
    89.1% English

    Since I procrastinated, I only had time to study for my weakest areas: science. For me, the reading and math were gimmies since they were very straightforward and easy. I took one practice test for each and got about 92%. In order to prep for the timed test, I did all of my practice tests timed, and shaved off about 10 plus minutes off each section. For example, if the math practice test had say....65 questions, I allowed myself 50 minutes to finish the whole thing. I brushed up on pythagorean theorem, angle, pie chart, calculating area of a circle. Same with all of the other sections - if a reading section had 55 questions, I allowed myself 45 min to finish everything. This way I was able to adapt to the pace of the test.

    I was a lot more meticulous on the actual test. Since I was used to the fast pace on my practice exams, I had time to check most of my answers.

    Since I was so short on time, i had to choose between studying either science or grammar. I chose to study science since I consistently scored a 77-78% on all of my practice tests. If I weren't such a procrastinator, I probably could've upped my grammar/English scores.

    For the science portion, I read voraciously and studied both ATI, Kaplan, and the NLN guide. I did as many practice exams as I could and covered the breadth of all subjects. Whatever I didn't understand I googled. I googled a quick tutorial for physics (esp wave questions since those are on every single one of my practice tests). I looked up the definitions of amperes, amplitude, volt, watt, frequency, wavelengths. I reviewed the earth sciences sections. I also did all of the science tests for all three books and it paid off. (I left the NLN book for last and did some more science questions during breaks).

    I probably could've done a little better if I had some more sleep (was running on 4 hours of sleep and too scared to drink caffeine for fear of excessive pee breaks). Sleep deprivation sucks. I definitely crapped out towards the end of the test. Considering that the TEAS is a knowledge based test with limited complex problem solving, I figured that knowing the material is definitely more important than sleep.

    All in all, I was happy enough with my score If I could do this again I probably would've done a grammar review. The English portion is tricky in that the sentences are awkwardly worded. Not to mention all the trick questions! Other than Science, English is probably the hardest portion.
  12. by   smiling247
    Hey I am taking the TEAS test in 4 days!!!!!! lol. I have already studied the ATI Study Guide 3.0 once and I am making my way through it once again. Has anyone been able to compare the difference in the 3.0 (bluish/green cover) to the 5.0 (yellow cover) ATI books? My school's bookstore recently started selling the 5.0 after I bought the 3.0! Does anyone remember how many questions are on the TEAS test? According to the 3.0 and 5.0 ATI books they have different amount of questions and times for each section. I'm very nervous about the test! ugh! Anyone have any advice for my last few days of studying? I feel like the reading section is something you either know or don't know. I've heard people say don't read the passages just skip to the questions first. Is it necessary like timewise to use that tactic or do you have enough time to read everything. Does the ATI study guide pretty much reflect the types of questions asked on the TEAS exam? How about the online practice tests? I've heard people say they thought the actual exam was easier than the TEAS test? The first time I took the online test I made a 77%, but I was in a rush to finish because I had somewhere to be and I didn't realize how long it was going to take. Two months later after studying I took it again and make a 89%. I was pretty pleased...in fact I would be happy with that on my actual TEAS exam lol..but of course I want it to be higher! Was there enough time given for the math section? Were there any word problems like on testpreview.com? I didn't really see any hard ones in the study guide or online assessment. What types of conversion questions were on there? Any one gallons, quarts, teaspoons, tablespoons? I think science is really going to be the hardest section. Luckily I took all 5 sciences in high school, but that has been many years ago. Has anyone taken the study guide practice tests and did horribly, but did very well on the actual test? I hope that is the case because I am familiar with the material, but I seem to do bad when I have to apply it?! weird. Does anyone favor the Kaplan, Mc-Graw, or ATI study guide more for the science portion? And the English...I know it's pretty basic and it's hard to really study for like the reading section. any advice? i just really hope i can do well!
  13. by   ladypirate
    I'm glad to see the date on your post is current. I've been studying for the HESI this fall and it just changed to the TEAS! What a switch-r-oo at the last minute! If you can do that well with cramming, I suppose I will do okay with a few months to study! Again, thank you for your post!