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  1. Hi all,
    I am set to graduate in December from RN school, and am new to the Tampa area (I go to Valencia in Orlando) so Im not familiar with any of the hospitals around here. I would appreciate it if you wouldnt mind giving me some advice as to where may a good hospital for a new grad to start. Ive heard St Josephs is supposed to be pretty good and I know of Tampa General but havent heard anything about it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I live in the Brandon area but I heard Brandon Memorial wasnt a good place to work.
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  3. by   UM Review RN
    I've heard the same info on those hospitals.

    Good luck with your job search.
  4. by   MB37
    I'm doing clinicals at TGH and almost all of us have good experiences each week - couldn't say for sure what working there is like, since they're not paying me, but it's certainly not a bad sign when the staff nurses generally take (and have, most days) time to teach us.
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  5. by   APBT mom
    There's also Sun City and Memorial Hospitals. They're both small, don't have a high patient count, and they really don't deal with trauma's. Those patients are usually transfered to TGH, Brandon, or St. Joes. UCH is another hospital that is in Tampa and they have two hospitals.