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  1. I am currently a senior nursing student at a school in south GA. I plan on moving to Tallahassee, FL after I graduate this fall with my BSN. My question is what is the (hourly) pay at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and Capital Regional Memorial Center. I'm not lazy. I did do a search on allnurses.com but all the threads were old (mostly 2003-2006). I also plan on calling the hospital recruiters but I completely trust them and just wanted some inside information. Also, for those of you who work at either hospital, do you like it (enough to recommend to a new grad)? In this market I will be more than grateful to have any job but which hospital has better training and treats its employees the best? Does either hospital offer a new graduate program? Thanks!!!
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  3. by   MzCyd11
    I work at TMH and I believe the base pay for BSN is about $18.30 or so...u do get a nght shift and weekend shift differential but that's basically it!
  4. by   mpt005
    Yes the base pay is 18.20 and if you have your BSN you get .50 on top of that. There is a 12% differential for evenings and a 15% for nights.
  5. by   flg8tr
    wow...it's still that low? That is just insulting. How do they get away with that?
    Reminds me of why I left FL, though I miss it every day.
  6. by   sakura13
    Hey just a quick question for TMH salary for RN-BSN,...what time is the night shift and evening shift?--If you work in day shift which is 7 am to 7pm, do you get any sort of differentials?? I am asking this bec. one of my friend is working in a med-surg floor here in Miami..She works day shift 7 am to 7pm but she gets paid differentials when she hits 4 pm to 7 pm), plus the weekend day shift differentials.... Also, how much is the weekend differentials? Thanks
  7. by   LaraBethRN
    Hi, I realize this is an older post but I thought I would give it a try I am considering a move to Tallahassee and I am also going to be a new grad, but will be RN licensed by the time I move. I am moving sometime around the end of August or September. I am looking for any advice on Tallahassee hospitals and if people are generally satisfied with working there, etc. In particular, the ICUs. Pay is not as big of a concern as just the satisfaction with the job itself. I currently live in Gainesville and work at the trauma ICU, and would ideally like to go into a critical care job as a new RN. Any info from anyone who is familiar with both TMH or CRMC would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  8. by   cowgurl89
    does anyone have any info on the new grad program at capital regional medical center?
  9. by   mybell54901
    I am applying for the new nurse graduate program (I'm a new grad with no RN experience) at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital to start in Feb of 2013. I heard that there's much competition at this hospital because it's a college town. Can anyone give me more information regarding what kind of town it is (college or not and more information about it) and what the reputation is like at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital? I heard on allnurses.com that it's a hospital only new grads get jobs at because it's not a good hospital. Is this true? Also, if I do get accepted at this hospital I would be relocating from a norther state.
  10. by   nchmed
    I realize this reply may be a little late, but I just saw the post. I have been a nurse at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital (TMH) for a total of 10 years. There is competition for hire due to the large number of local nursing schools (at least 5). Many nurses have been at TMH for 30 years and more. Historically, TMH has hired a lot of grad students because they are readily available, however, the current policy is to hire only a limited number of new grads through the new Nursing Residency Program. I first worked at TMH over 15 years ago, left to raise my kids and then came back. It is the only hospital for me. I did some of my nursing clinicals at other nearby hospitals. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. I choose TMH because it practices cutting-edge, evidence-based medicine. I am super excited and encouraged by the recent Shared Governance and Nursing Magnet initiatives. Nurses have more input and influence than ever. I participate regularly in Shared Governance Council meetings. We are able to make changes to improve patient care and staff satisfaction. Base-pay is is average for Florida (lower than northern states) however, there are opportunities to increase pay through certification and the Professional Nurse Advancement Program. Many units have a weekend plan as well that can offer more money. I would wholeheartedly recommend TMH as the best thing happening in Tallahassee!
  11. by   formernole
    Just an update for this post because whenever I am looking for pay info I can't seem to find it. New nurses @ Capital Regional are paid $19.38 + $1.77 for after 7 and $3.50 for after 10. Not sure about weekends. Today HR told me that weekend differentials are only for "weekend plan" nurses but I am hoping she was wrong (she's kind of a space cadet.) Obviously, I haven't gotten my first pay check yet to figure it out, lol.
  12. by   calivianya
    Any updates on TMH pay? I am thinking about applying there. I have about 10 months of RN experience right now.
  13. by   ggoodman
    spoke with a new grad on our unit and new RN are starting at about 19.65/HR +evening night differential.
  14. by   Dee Nurse
    I was wondering if ER or Critical Care nurses start out with a higher base pay at CRMC?