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Has anyone worked or is currently working at these facilities? Please PM me - I will be doing clinicals there and I have a specific question, if you would be so kind. Many thanks!!... Read More

  1. by   beat2beat
    I really think you will like it there. I am sure you will be fine. Good luck and drop a line soon.
  2. by   lorettap
    well two days of clinicals under my belt and all is going well. i am not looking foward to friday that will be a 12 hour day after working thurs nite until 10pm and an hour drive home only to be back at the hosp 7am fri. and i have not done that in a long time but i am positive it will be fine!! i imagine i will be no use to anyone sat!!
    ha ha !!!!!
  3. by   blownin
    What happened at Delray? I have been offered a job in the versant and I am considering not taking it because of all these things I have been hearing, Can someone be specific and recent on their experience?
  4. by   jdfflats
    Quote from KristinWW
    Since I posted, I got the answers! It seems no one has anything good to say about ANY Tenet hospitals! I'm intrigued.....
    I did my clinical rotation at Delray. It was not bad. However, I did have the occasion to see why people don't have nice things to say.

    I am interested to know what you have heard, I am still in school, but I live near Delray & would like any info I can get prior to graduation.

    I am not able to message you. But if you can message me I would truly appreciate it.
  5. by   blownin
    I do not know how to send a PM..if someone can tell me how, I'd be grateful. What things have you seen that made you understand how it got the bad reputation? What floor were you working on? Personally, I am very weary about their pt to nurse ratio, it is very high.
  6. by   tnbutterfly
    Quote from blownin
    I do not know how to send a PM..if someone can tell me how, I'd be grateful.
    You will be able to send pm's after you have 15 posts.
  7. by   jdfflats
    Thank you... only one more post for me
  8. by   blownin
    JD, can you tell me what you saw specifically that was bad? Any other info would be great as well. I can't PM you since I don't have enough post, but if you can PM me. Thanks