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anyone applying for the jan 2010 spc rn program? if so, is this your first time applying or have you done it before and not been accepted? what is your pre-req gpa and have you taken micro??? ... Read More

  1. by   FLg8r
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    i'm going thru their eayl-lpn program. we had to attend an orientation at ptec first -- the day after the orientation, i rec'd a call for my first interview. 2 weeks later - 2nd interview (which happens to be today )

    you could always call or email them .... i did and always received a reply right away.

    had my 2nd interview for eayl wednesday and rec'd "the call" today ... i'm in! they offered me the lpn trainee position --- i have orientation on october 12th .... i can't believe it! i'm excited and nervous all at the same time
  2. by   Morgan0429
    Thats so awesome!! Congrats!!!!!!!!
  3. by   FLg8r
    thank you
  4. by   thepopes
    Anyone hear anything yet for the second pool?? Anyone??
  5. by   Morgan0429
    nothing on the second pool here either...i left a message at the nursing office and have not heard back yet on when we should get them....
  6. by   Morgan0429
    FYI they sent out the 2nd pool letters yesterday!!!