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Hello guys, I need help in making a final decision between these two schools and their merits. For FCCJ all prereq's are done this spring term, but I need to retake the test for better points for a... Read More

  1. by   12breakfree
    sbc8201, are you aware of that fccj counts your grades (As, Bs or Cs) as your point average entry into the program?
  2. by   sbc8201
    yup - i only get credit for a "c" for my AP classes. Even with that I will have about 212 pts. That should be enough for the nite / weekend program. It's really a shame that the university system penalizes students who strive hard in high school with AP classes.
  3. by   12breakfree
    You must did really well on your NAT test? Did you do study guide? If you did, which one did you use? Do you remember if that math section contains only word problem or mix problems? How much time did they give it to you to complete each section?
  4. by   sbc8201
    I scored a total of 181 (71-35-75). I guess that it was a decent score - I did buy a study guide from FCCJ book store (Nursing Entrance Test Review.....I think it was called it cost about $20 and was yellow in color). I did most of the practice tests but I really can't say if it specifically helped me or not. You can get a good idea of the "style" of the questions, but the content is something that you either know or not. The math section was mainly word problems but there was definitely both types. I'm pretty good at math stuff so that was probably the easiest part for me. I had more trouble with the reading comp - just cuz it is timed and there are some kind of tricky questions if you try to just scan the passages - real easy to get it wrong by not reading the whole thing. As far as the time thing goes - I was finished with the whole thing in about two hours. There were people there that were there before I started and were still sitting there when I left. My advice - get the study guide but don't stress over doing everysingle problem/question in it; take your time and read everything; USE your scratch paper in the math section ( I saw some girl who finished turn in a blank paper!!!!!!! ); and just relax and let it come to you. Good luck!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   12breakfree
    Is it call Arco? Mind is and I'm using it but the math section isn't that hard comparing to the old book I have. the way I'm taking it next week after my micro grade is in. Which campus are you planning to apply to? Day or Night?
  6. by   sbc8201
    That's the book that I used - it wasnt' all that helpful but it does give you an idea of what to expect. I'm gonna apply for the nite/wknd program for the fall - i guess that it is mainly at deerwood campus. Thats good for me cuz I live a lot closer to there than the north campus. I'm just waitn for my AP II to be done. I took my courses kind of backwardz - micro first then my a&P's. I could've already applied if i had done it the other way.
  7. by   12breakfree
    All schools work differently. At the previous school before I applied to FCCJ wouldn't allow me to take Micro first. It has to be a sequence from bottom up. I could have finished all my prereqs two years ago if it wasn't that stupid rules they have. I wish there are standards for all nursing schools instead of a bit of this and that.
  8. by   sbc8201
    Yeah, I was lucky enough to be able to get into micro. When I tried to register at SJRCC for A&P I - the classes were full immediately. They let me take micro before A&P because I had already taken chemistry and biology when I had gotten my bachelor's at UNF. That was one thing that I didn't like about SJRCC - they had like two sections for A&P and that seems to be the most popular class. They wouldn't move my registration priority up - they treated me like I was straight out of high school with zero credits even with 130 credit hours from my business degree. I got basically one of the last days to register. I was lucky to get what I got. That is the reason I moved on to FCCJ. More options and more classes to choose from.
  9. by   12breakfree
    They were generous enought to let you take micro. My previous school wouldn't and all they could say is, "I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do. You'll have to wait." If you fail your A&P I, you will not allow to take the II until you passed and so on.

    Um...can you tell the level of difficult of that math section again from the NAT test. Were the test questions easier or harder than the questions that contain in that guide book (Arco) you used? Thanks
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  10. by   JR816
    Hi, I am a recent grad from SJRCC. I can tell you that the point system and it's acceptance scale, is kinda scarey. They had around two hundred applicants with only 36 seats for the last class. So, it's very competitive.

    I can also touch on the lack of seats. I think that there aren't enough instructors for the courses. So, maybe if we (the college) paid the insructors what they are worth, we could push more nurses out into the community.......just a thought.
  11. by   12breakfree
    We are overpaid our school tuitions, and they're (nursing instructors) underpaid for their teaching skills not by us though but by the college. What's a bummer!
  12. by   kertz81
    I just wanted to say hi. I'm applying to the night-weekend program at FCCJ for this fall too. I've already sent in my application, and I just have to take Micro this summer. I'm so nervous about getting in, and it's killing me that we won't hear anything until AUGUST!!!!
  13. by   lmh47
    hi, im applying to fccj in august...
    Got a question though, at fccj you can apply while in the micro class, what about SJRCC, can you apply while in the class, or does all pre reqs have to be done before applying, im actually in the HUMAN NUTRITION online class now for SJRCC....and will be in MICRO in the fall...