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I am concerned about the negative posts on SJRCC nursing program. Are there any students or Grads out the that are happy with the program? I am applying to OP Spring 2010 because it is closer to my... Read More

  1. by   cassandre18
    Hey im a new member to this site, i applied for the 2010 nursing program at sjrcc. I had a 3.9 gpa and 150 points. Although its only the 4th , the wait is killing me. I certainly hope that we get the letter way before the end of the month.
  2. by   jhsRN
    Great GPA! How did you do on the NET?
  3. by   cassandre18
    not well, and thats what im worried about. My composite was 70 and reading is 67. My math is 73%. Im hoping that they go by gpa first.
  4. by   koloa27
    I think they do go by the GPA first before that right? Aren't they grouping you into groups by GPA and then looking at points and NET scores? I would think you both would be ok with those GPA's and points. Are they only counting our GPA in our required prereqs? Not overall gpa right? I have a 3.2 with 87% and 79% So I am definately behind both of you.
  5. by   cassandre18
    Yeah i guess, and the lady at the front desk said that for this application period the Net is simply pass or fail, i guess if there's a tie then they'll look at it. I think they only count the gpa on the required prereqs, not overall gpa. ive been looking through some old post and according to those post we should get our letters by the middle of nex week but i still cant help being the first to check the mail everyday.
  6. by   jhsRN
    I am not expecting to hear as early as next week because they told me in the Palatka Nursing office that it would be the end of October. Since this is the first class applying under the new points and rating system it may take every bit of October to sort through the applications. There are about 900 students with nursing as their declared major and more than 200 usually apply. Competition is tough for all of us. Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer. I hope we hear next week one way or the other. Waiting is not one of my best attributes!

    The student handing her application in at the same time as me had 167 points. Don't know her GPA or NET. That made me discouraged. What if there are 35 more applicants with points that high? But what if she had the highest points then we all have a chance! I have analyzed it to death including an Excel spreadsheet with about 12 different points scenarios. Wish we had more applicants on this forum to give feedback.

    I hope all of us posting here get in! Good luck!!!
  7. by   cassandre18
    wow that has me worried as well, but one good thing to keep in ming is that they go by GPA first, so that even though someone has a lot of points they might not get first consideration, also they also go by who turned in their application first if there is a tie. Also there's only so many points someone can have. I dont think anyone had the professions of caring points for this application period, mostly someone with a masters would not be aplplying and and you can either get poing for being a lpn or a cna. So i dont think were that far of with having a least 150 and above, plus i know poeple who have less then that who applied and some even have 4.0's. I dont like waiting at all. Maybe we should start a new thread entitled SJRCC nursing spring 2010, maybe then more people would respond.
  8. by   jhsRN
    I feel better after reading your post. I am going to retake one of the classes I got a B in to bump up my GPA if I don't get in this time. Why don't you start a new thread titled like you suggested.
  9. by   koloa27
    I dont think they will let you do that. Just FYI, let me know if you find out differently. I tried to retake a class that I took in 1995 because I got a C and SJRCC said that it is state policy that you cant retake a class if you get a C or better. So they refused to let me do it. FCCJ wouldnt let me do it either. BUT if you find out different please let me know! I hope you both get in! Yes, probably a new thread would be good. I find it hard to believe we are the only 3 on here from SJRCC.
  10. by   cassandre18
    SJRCC wont let you retake a class unless you recieved a D as your original grade, if when the class is retaken im pretty sure they average the D with the new grade that would be recieved. Just wanted to let everyone know that i started a new thread entitled SJRCC NURSING SPRING 2010 so that we can group together during this wait period and share any new information because i called the nursing department today and they said we probably wont be tilll the end of the month but im still being optimistic though and really hoping it wont take that long.