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  1. Hello all! I am a newly licensed RN living in Jacksonville, FL. Like many other Jacksonvillians I have found it quite difficult to obtain a nursing position in the city. So, being that I have no major ties to Jax, (no husband/boyfriend, no kids, no lease/mortgage, etc.), I decided to apply for a newly licensed RN position for Shands in Gainesville with the intention of moving there if hired. I talked to the nurse recruiter who told me that they no longer are wanting to hire nurses from Jacksonville as new RNs because all they do is get 6mths-1yrs experience and then bring it on back to Jax where they can obtain a position more easily (Boo... that is definitely not my intent). Anywho, to make a long story short- she must have felt my passion for L&D nursing and she contacted the nurse manager for their Labor and Delivery unit. She said she would let me know as soon as she heard anything. Anyways, I guess my question is- How long does it usually take for the nurse managers to respond?
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  3. by   OncRNMichelle
    [color=#6600ff]have you heard anything yet? i am going there friday the 20th for an interview! super excited. i don't have ties to where i live either. i'm thrilled for the new experience!
  4. by   jazzymcc
    I got an interview and found out I got the job the following day! I'm in orientation now, I can't wait to get on the unit! Which floor are you interviewing for?
  5. by   soon2begrad2010
    Congratulations! L&D is my passion also ,I wish you the best,I've been a nurse for a little over a year and never thought to apply at shands gainesville.
  6. by   OncRNMichelle
    [color=#6600ff]i interviewed for oncology (8th floor, new building) and got it!!!! i am nervous, scared and excited all at the same time. i will be moving in the next month if all goes as planned. it would be cool to meet someday. i won't know anyone there!!!
  7. by   nurseako
    I will be joining Shands on June and I think I will be in ER. Anyone here has an idea how terrible a typical day in ED at Shnads?
  8. by   ArashiExo
    I have 2 interviews at Shands and one is for an ICU I'm really nervous about it! Can you tell me how the interview was?