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Hello future Rn's!!! I am so ready for February to be here!! I did not see a thread on this, so I started one.. Anybody out there coming on this wild journey with me? Adriana... Read More

  1. by   Marie2447
    I'm starting the RN program October 15th. Can anyone tell me a little bit about your experience at galen so far? Do we need books on the first day? Did you take any online classes and if so would you recommend taking them on campus or online? Thank you!!!
  2. by   Carleyx3
    Hi Marie, well I just finished qtr 2 as I had to repete A&P2 (long story, but in any case I needed to and its done and I passed finally! LOL). So far I have had a good time. I took Psyc online and it was no problem at all. I took A&P 2 theory online and it was ok, but I took it on campus the second time and feel like I took more away from it this time then I did when it was online. I transfered in a bunch of my GE's so I am done with all of them. Personally I would take GE online and the sciences and math on campus (thats just me though). I have enjoy Galen thus far. You will need your books for the first day. Especially A&P!! Good luck
  3. by   shamrokks
    Quote from lalaRN2014
    hey futureprice,

    yes I was there, I thought it was good, especially at the end, Mr Greco was funny and woke us up a bit.. I meant to get in touch with you through here so I could meet up with you there. Where were you sitting?

    Can anyone tell me how long the orientation is? I was told 5-8pm and I go tomorrow so I was wondering if it was really that long.