Relocating to South Florida

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm an RN in NY with 4 yrs experience in the Emergency Dept. I am planning on making a move to FL within the next month or so but I would like to find out some information before moving. I have been searching for jobs online but I am not seeing so much availability in South FL. I am looking to get into Jackson Memorial's ER or another hospital around that area. I would greatly appreciate some insight on the job market for nurses looking for full time positions in South Florida/Miami area. Thanks so much!
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  3. by   caroladybelle
    As the economy in Florida is one of the worst hit in the nation, there are many out of work nurses, increasing competition. In addition, summertime is the slow (few "snowbirds") season in Florida, so demand for nurses is low.

    It is also advisable to be fluent in Spanish in FL, but especially so in that area.
  4. by   Wolf at the Door
    South Florida don't do it. You may end up like the rest of the experienced nurses out of a job.
  5. by   bluemartian
    Its tough here, too a medsurg refresher and acls thought it would help ,guess what. It didnt
  6. by   Vvalcourt
    Jackson has a hiring freeze... I think they're still firing employees... I'm in a nursing program right now and when i graduate i'm leaving Miami, florida and going up north, there are no jobs down here... Sorry... But you can still try.. we have Baptiste hospital, Aventura hospital, memorial regional, broward general, etc.. P.S. the weather is great down here...
  7. by   Wolf at the Door
    Try Orlando, Lakeland or Sarasota/Bradenton,
  8. by   SeaH20RN
    Hi, If your still looking for an ER postion here in So. Florida. There are plenty of jobs out there. I agree, if you are in Miami, spanish would help. But up in Broward Medical/ Broward County/ Fort Lauderdale. Everyone is looking for an experienced ER Nurse.
    Let me know how it goes. Good Luck.