Nursing Schools in Miami

  1. there is a school im starting on agust, its called SABER , its on flagler, the lpn program is only 12 months and its 23,000 and the asn is 18 months and is 30,000. you should check it out.
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  3. by   on eagles wings
    I would never pay that much money for an LPN or ASN degree.
  4. by   kitty222
    i know but i haven't seen a school cheaper than thatin my area
  5. by   on eagles wings
    I live in Miami, right on Flagler actually and I know that school and others. Miami Dade College is an excellent program and it is just under $6,000 for an ASN. It also has an LPN program that is a year long and much cheaper. I know girls in MDC's LPN program who are going to bridge to the LPN-RN next year.

    Broward College is also good, and it is a similar price for an ASN.

    FIU on 107ave and 8st(i live 5 minutes from there) has a good BSN program. In fact, FIU's entire program is MUCH cheaper than Saber's ASN. UM in Coral Gables has a good BSN program too, although it is expensive.

    Don't let private schools like Saber rob your money and lie to you telling you there is no other way to become an RN. An associates in nursing is not worth 30,000 in debt, never ever!!!
  6. by   miami88
    I am looking into a nursing school for my ASN? How is saber? is it online? And what are the requirements???
  7. by   miami88
    Yeah miami dade is cheaper but people like myself who have wasted so much time and would like to finish asap, then those accelerated programs are good. And yeah expensive but hey they work well with people who cant pay it.
  8. by   on eagles wings
    honestly, like one lady that works in the nursing lab said, its better to do generic which is only 1 more semester than accelerated and do it right. accelerated programs are good but a lot of people fail because they are not ready for it.
  9. by   yisy4u
    Ugh! Saber school! I wouldn't recommend that school to anyone. They fooled me once. No way I would set foot on that school ever again! They just want your money!
  10. by   P_Funk
    I just recently heard about this school at a job/school fair I went to with my mom a couple of months back. Took their pamphlet and as soon as I got home, i googled them. Didn't really move me too much. It seemed like another keiser, fnc, and FCC. Their rn program costs entirely too much for just an associates degree (i.e. keiser is like 37k+)!!! RIDICULOUS right!?!? ...kinda sounds like it to me.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to bad mouth those schools or anything, I'd just rather pay a relatively decent amount (less than 10k) than to spend nearly 40k just because I wanted to get into a Nursing school. But hey that's just my opinion.

    Wish you guys that are applying to saber the best of luck!!!
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  11. by   LADYLOVE82
    i went to the school yesterday and for the price, it is a little too expensive. However, it affords the working class population the chance to work and still earn you education. The class hours as well as clinical hours appear to be flexible and resonable. I think I am going to sign up.
  12. by   on eagles wings
    mdc is just as flexible. and less than 1/2 of the price tag.
  13. by   Mklock
    How did it go with Saber? Would you recommend the Lpn to rn bridge program?
  14. by   if133
    To everybody trying to get into this school check the school certification and make sure the school is not on probation, which I believe this school as well as most of ASN programs being offered in Miami except MDC and Keiser are doing really bad on the NCLEX Board examination. If the school is on provation you won't be allow by the Florida Board of nursing to sit for the NCLEX and your money and time in school was spent for nothing. When applying for nursing school only apply to those that are accredited and if a school is on probation it means that most of the student once they finish the program are not passing the NCLEX. Don't waste your money.