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i am a registered nurse with seven years experience planning to move to southeast florida in may with two kids . looking for average nursing salaries and average pool salaries and do they offer... Read More

  1. by   RUSON
    I will be a new grad from VA in May 2011 and will be moving to the Nicevill/Destin/Fort Walton beach area right after graduation. I plan to take my boards in FL but am having a hard time finding out what a typical starting salary for new grads are down here.

    Does anyone know or have any other advice for being an RN in this area?

  2. by   caroladybelle
    Niceville/Destin/Panhandle area, I believe pay runs low - for new grads $17 - 22/hr, roughly.

    The panhandle tends to pay less than SFL or Orlando.

    The big problem, though will be finding a nursing job....ANY nursing well as obtaining adequate hours year round, especially after the Gulf spill.