Newly RN bit name doesn't appear at Nursys

  1. Hi. So, I just recently passed my nclex and received my license number dated 6/4 from FL.
    Today, I checked my name on nursys but it didn't showed up. My family wants me back to WA so I'll be needing a verification from nursys for endorsement.
    Does it really take that long to fl to send updates to nursys? Or shall I file a missing record report?
    Or just wait?

    Help. thanks.
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    It can take a week or longer to transfer to Nursys (or longer) depending on how frequently the state BoN uploads data. I would file your application by endorsement and submit verification as soon as it appears.
  4. by   Nurse Neddie
    I passed on 5/30 and mine is still not on there....
  5. by   lllenjolll
    Thanks beachynurse for the tip.

    Nurse neddie. I took my exam on 5/22. Got my license dated 6/4.... Hmm.
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    I'd be more concerned if your license wasn't posted on the BoN website (assuming BoN posts licenses online) than Nursys. Nursys is just a central database that requires a transfer from BoN to Nursys. This time of year there are many delays with all the new licensees and renewals.

    I know my renewal took a while to post. I renewed in April, due for renewal in May but the update didn't show up until closer to the renewal date but Nursys always showed an active license since the last license didn't expire until 5/31/13
  7. by   lllenjolll
    Just for the heads up.
    My name is already searchable on nursys.

  8. by   Nurse Neddie
    Awesome I was looking and I'm is too
  9. by   PinoyRN12
    Quote from Nurse Neddie
    I passed on 5/30 and mine is still not on there....
    Which BON did you apply for registration? I took mine with Saipan BON last July 2 anD checked with Nursys today yet I can't find my name on the list. I was getting the good pop up ever since and the BON doesn't have any online license verification. They actually just updated today when I checked. Do I have to be concerned?

    Responses are greatly appreciated!