NCLEX-LPN question

  1. Does FL allow ADN students to challenge and sit LPN boards after their first year? Just wondering as I was intending to pay for my CNA certificate this summer but heard the LPN boards can be done by ADN students in other states, I thought if I could do this than working as an LPN while I finish the ADN program would give me better chance to apply what I have learned the first year and become more comfortable with those tasks while learning the new ones in 2nd year clinicals. Left a message with my instructor but she wasn't sure about the answer and I don't think my program director likes the mixing of the LPN & ADN, as she's visibly more favorable towards us.
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  3. by   Southernurse
    [font=book antiqua]hey you-
    as far as i know, at least in 2004 you could test out, but to get a definite answer, ask the state. the number is 850-245-4125. they are very courteous and helpful (at least any experience i had). the email if you aren't a phone person is you will actually speak to a real person!
    good luck to you!
  4. by   NARCAN
    i have a co-worker that finished her ADN program but unfortunately was not able to pass twice her nclex-RN so she decided to sit for the nclex-PN so that way in the mean time she can get $$ and experience while she prepares for the nclex-rn again! you need to call your state board of nursing!!! they will give you an answer! she called it!!!
  5. by   Holatta
    I Believe you can take the LPN test after the first year of school. When I was taking my classes for LPN we could take the test for CNA's after that first year. But to make sure call the board of nursing.