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Hello! Are there any MDCC nursing students out there?? I'm currently wrapping up my pre-req's at MDCC and will be applying to MDCC for their Accelerated ADN program for January of 2006. Is anyone... Read More

  1. by   Ltorres5351
    Just hoping everything is going well for all the students that are in the Nursing prgm. I am still waiting to hear from miami dade, accelerated prgm. Any one can tell me how are the classes like i.e Fundamental the first nursing class is it really hard and how are the clinicals what do u really do there.


    What is the salary range for RNs in miami, and LPNS?
  2. by   NurseMidwife
    Hello all,

    I am new to this Nursing Forum, so please bare with me.

    1st. Can someone please tell me how to post a new thread?

    2nd. Any Miami Dade students out there? I currently attend MDC and will be applying for the Nursing Program for Aug. 07. I would love some incite from any student who was accepted or rejected for the Jan. 07 Program.

    How many students did they accept, GPA's, schedules, etc...

    Any thing you can tell me will be greatly appreciated as I am apprehensive about getting in.
  3. by   Ltorres5351
    hi i applied to miami dade med campus, buts been a drag. i have been rejected twice. now im trying to apply to the accelerated program. i already have a ba in health adm. i have completed all my requirements. nursing schools are so hard to get in. if there are any tricks please let me know. since this has been so complicated, im thinking of lpn school first, and than it should be easier to get in the rn prgm. but yea, my application is still in miami dade im waiting for the class of august 07.

    i wish you luck, and keep me posted. about the thread go to forums above the page.

    miami, fl
  4. by   busylady61
    Quote from NurseMidwife
    Hello all,

    I am new to this Nursing Forum, so please bare with me.

    1st. Can someone please tell me how to post a new thread?

    After you go back to the Florida Nurses forum, look on the left side of the page. There is a little blue button that says "new thread."
  5. by   NurseMidwife
    Oh Wow, sorry to hear that. I hope you make it for Aug. 07. What was your GPA each time you applied (if you don't mind me asking)? When they reject you do they say why? I'm probably sure they don't.
  6. by   NurseMidwife
    Thx! I got it.
  7. by   Ltorres5351
    They just say due to the large amounts of applications recieved. My GPA is 3.0
  8. by   szelda
    There are some people in both the generic and accelerated program in MDC with less than a 3.0. I know personally some students excelling (A's and B's) in nursing classes even though their B.A/B.S. grades were less than stellar. I advise you to apply for the accelerated -- it might be easier to get into MDC from there as the number of applicants to the accelerated are much less than to the generic program. I also recommend keeping up with your application by talking to administration in the nursing program about your situation. MDC will likely start a BSN program in '08, and it helps to know you're going to an affordable school and will be practically a shoe-in for their rn-bsn program.

    Hang in there. People will give up their spots for the program, GPA cut-offs also vary with each semester. I had a 2.53 UG gpa at one of the hardest universities in the country --- the pre-reqs only brought it up to a 3.42. However, I am now going into the last semester at MDC making mostly A's and only 2 B's (gpa 3.8). It can be done. There's more to an applicant than the GPA. There are people in the program who've never encountered a tough college course ever, yet had 4.0 GPAs in their pre-reqs. Some of these students have failed out of the program, barely passed some the lecture courses, and are constantly amazed by the academic rigor of a nursing course. Don't worry about getting in, you will eventually. The toughest part is staying in the program.

    Apply for the accelerated as well as the generic -- it opens more options for you. I did this and got accepted to the accelerated program. I later switched to generic full-time and haven't had problems since.

    Apr. '07
  9. by   Ltorres5351
    Thank you so much, you gave me so much hope! I was almost going to spend 24,000.00 at medvance for the LPN program. I have a B.A and an A.A, and due to that I only have about $13,000.00 left in financial aide. I want to use it but in a way that it will help me with what I really want.

    Since a little girl I always use to dress up on Halloween day as a Nurse.

    I took 2 yrs of Bio, which include Microbiology, and general bio, Anatomy and Physiolgy, and labs. Micro was the worst I recieved a C, but that Teacher was something else.
    This is something I really want, and thats to be a RN and if I gone this far w/ stress of Professors, applications entrance exams and etc...I will be there.

    By the way what semester are u in MDC and how are the classes? Do they give you enough hands on?

    Well I dt want to burn u out w/ questions. My plans are to at least take a Chemistry class at MDC CHM 1033 and 1033L. Do you know of any good Professors for Chem. I registered with Gottlieb and Allyssa in the Kendall area.

    Thanks and keep in touch, g. Luck w/ school, u will be there soon!:icon_hug:
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  10. by   sandybakes
    Hi Nathalie, I'm also starting Barry in Jan 07. I just finished music app and bio med ethics. I will be taking religion in Jan 07. Could you recommend a good teacher. Dr. Horner was great for bio med ethics.

  11. by   szelda
    I am going into the last semester at MDC. The classes are more intense than difficult (feels like we have an exam every week), but doable. For semester 3, about 6 out of 48 people failed in each sequence (12 total). It is difficult, but practicing NCLEX questions and most of all ATTENDING LECTURES is the key to passing.

    You'll get so much hand-s on learning through skills lab and clinical, that you might start counting the days until the end of your hospital rotation.

    As far as CHM1033/L is concerned, I'll send you a PM (I'm not sure if it's ok to mention names on this board.)
    Good luck with getting into MDC accelerated! The people who did stay in the accelerated program loved the experience (you get to borrow a free tablet PC for the year too).:wink2:

  12. by   Ltorres5351
    Thanks for the plans are to go ahead and start the school at Medvance. In March 2007 I will start the LPN program, I will still keep trying to apply at MDC, but at least I know that Im doing something. I know LPN is a different level than a RN, but at the end I will still be a NUrse. Just that it will be easier noe to get into the Bridge Nursing program at MDC, and I could even do it online after I am a LPN, the RN should be a little be easier.

    Well thanks for the info...I wish you a great Holiday! I will be in NyC for two weeks, but still will be answering in

  13. by   miav0719
    Hello yaca799,

    Have you hear about the LPN program at Mercy Hospital? I've heard that MDCC has a very long waiting list aswell as BCC. Any information would help.