Miami Dade College 2009- Acceptance Letter (find out before you get accept letter)

  1. Hello all.

    So I have an informative, open-ended question for those students applying for MIAMI DADE COLLEGE for Spring 2009 Nursing....

    Yesterday, I checked my degree audit online ( as I always do, at least once a week). But yesterday, for the first time, I noticed something new that popped up on my audit.
    My degree audit NOW reflects a field that indicates:


    Just as curiosity, does anyone else see the same thing on your degree audit, or know what this is?

    Does this mean I was accepted in the nursing program? I'm assuming there has to be a preliminary step done in the system, before they actually begin to mail out the nursing program acceptance letter.


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  3. by   FSUMiamiBoy
    Hi RNRDH,
    Have you gotten any notice from MDC yet?
  4. by   RNRDH
    Yes, I was accepted into the Bridge option. The letters are being mailed; should hear from the school very soon. What option did you apply to?
  5. by   FSUMiamiBoy
    Hi RNRDH,
    I applied to the Generic Nursing program for Spring 2009, and I received my acceptance letter Monday that just passed :spin::spin:
  6. by   VaneJimenez
    Is there a waiting list?
  7. by   Jessica1024
    No waiting list. If you do not get in then you have to reapply again for the next semester. The next semester for nursing starts in the fall. I hear that the GPA needed to get in is a 3.5, but I do believe if you have a little lower then that, you can still get in with no problem.
  8. by   lmb13
    rnrdh i just e-mailed you. thanks!
  9. by   Jessica1024
    So excited about the end of this month already!
  10. by   olofin1
    every body has the same I already check with some of my friends, Yhe wait is driving me crazy.
  11. by   Tinkerbell69
    I don't have that on my degree audit at all. I just applied for the both the LPN prgram and the part-time RN program for which the deadline is tomorrow. So, I will not know until June or July if I was accepted or not.

  12. by   Jessica1024
    Can anyone tell me about psy nursing???? I am going into my third semester, and I decided to take psy in the summer, to get it over with so I can have a nice last semester. Everyone keeps telling me that it is very difficult and hard, and a lot of pharm. I am getting kind of scared, it is a three week class and I am not sure if it is a good idea or not. Any insight would be awesome!
  13. by   FutureRN1976
    ok so I had to do a search for this post because I remembered it from a while back. I too have that program status Y.
    is this on everyones degree audit? Im not sure if that was already there, or if that was just added to my audit. I know its only May 4th and the deadline was last Friday...but hey! you never know lol Can someone check their degree audit? and check if they have that Y there? Someone who's applied for the Fall start...thanks
  14. by   olofin1
    I check with a few of my friends and every body going fot the as nursing has the same. so nothing change we have to wait until we get the letter. Do you have any idea how many people apply this semester already they are comments that around 2k they only call 300 all included, a big competition.