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hi, i wanted to know are there any mdc students who know any information on the nursing program. i have all my requirements and all i need is chemistry. i am trying to apply to the accelerated... Read More

  1. by   SouthernAsh
    "For those starting tomorrow, just remember you are going into a lab atmosphere. Close toed shoes and a lab coat are a minimum. They also require you to wear long pants. If you are not appropriately dressed...they will kick you out"

    Two questions for you. First of all, my first class is Fundamentals on Thursday. Should I wear close toed shoes and a lab coat on my first day? Second question? What does your name mean? I've often wondered that.
    Thanks in advance,
  2. by   akspudus
    For Fundamentals Lecture...on the first day, I wouldn't wear your lab coat. I would dress more on the "business casual" side. For us guys that means slacks with a polo shirt or slacks with a button down shirt without a tie. Not sure what the actual equivalent would be for women. That's more or less what to wear first day. All other days you can dress down a little...more comfortable but still more towards the professional side of attire. Just don't show up looking like your getting ready to go "clubbing" or to the beach...etc. Nobody is going to kick you out of lecture for it...but the professors will definitely take notice.

    In the skills lab...closed toed shoes, lab coat...etc. for my nickname....well it is a nickname I have used for years...and not just on this board. It started out with a nickname I had in the Coast Guard (Spud). Spud is usually taken when I registered for a I started adding AK to it since I am from Alaska...even that was taken in some places so I added the US at the end since I am from the US. Ended up with AKSpudUS. is not Latin for something

  3. by   SouthernAsh
    Lol! Thanks
  4. by   SouthernAsh
    I want to know how everybody's first day went. It just so happens that my first day is tomorrow, so I'm anxious to know how it went for everyone.
  5. by   tracie0305
    hey magnesium,

    I was just wondering how your first day went. I just applied for the accelerated program in the spring and i pray i get accepted. Nonetheless I am a little nervous because from what I have been hearing the AO program is very difficult. Therefore, in the meanwhile I will be living vicariously through you.
  6. by   Jessica1024
    Heu Guys!

    I thought I might take just a second to tell everyone how crazy I am going with school already. I have three test next Wednesday. Those are the perils of taking Microbiology along with nursing. So far so good. I already had the first test. That damn grading scale killed me. No seriously. WOW!

    Bye bye A's. I just have to learn to live with the C's that I know for sure are coming. And I pray I never see a 76 on a test. I will be fine. Just sad that the whole grading scale is so difficult. I have to get use to that!

    I am packed with work. For Assesment I am doing sooooooooo much, pharm is just run run run.

    There is a student who failed pharm and fundamentals and she is scaring the life out of everyone. You can imagine.

    Either way I am having fun. I have met a lot of cool people in nursing school, and everyone helps one another.

    I just pray that I get through all my semesters without failing anything. I am in such a hurry to finish. No work, and a lot of bills. I am going to have to sell my jewlery in the pawn shop just to get through this month, but its will be over soon enough!!!!!!

    How is everyone else doing? My time management has increased ten fold.
  7. by   Phoenixlight
    Go Coasties!
    My brother is a CWO in the USCG. Been in 23 years. Sweet, sweet career. All the military boys over here are always jealous. Sure beats the dust and sand in Iraq.

    I am still waiting to hear from MDC. I applied for the Transitional program and the deadline just passed on Sep 1. So, it's the waiting game. Im trying not to pull my hair out. It is just so frustrating to want to make that next move in your life but finding it completely out of your control. *Sigh*

    Has anyone else applied or heard from the Transitional program (Jan 09)?

  8. by   Nursingforever
    Hi guys,, I had my first pharm. test last week. I believed that I got a D. I am really scared. I can't sleep, or eat. Today, is my first asses. test. I hope that I get an A. I had a huge depr. last week. I was crying the whole friday. Another thing that I can't stand is that some professors are very messy, and take all classes in any order. So, sometimes I don't know what to study. I lov nursing, but sometimes I think that this is like a nightmare!!!!! Bye bye A's........
  9. by   Jessica1024
    I know how you feel! I am not going to jump to conclusions ob what I got on the test for pharm. What I do know is that we can not study for grades...we need to study to pass. Nothing more, nothing less. I have an assesment test on Wednesday. Next Wednesday. The professor is very nice. Just some with the curriculum and record the lectures! This will help you get into order. Nursing is so different. I have not gotten depressed just yet. I am fine with all the work. Also get in groups. It does wonders! This is the first weeks so it is all a shocker. Don't worry to much.
  10. by   gradRN2007
    Dear Nursingforever,
    Just study and ask the professor for help, they are all willing to help
    I went into the transitional program with a 4.0 and realized that with 77 to pass kiss the a's goodbye..remember the boards don't care what your gpa is, just PASS. I am a relatively new nurse and pharm still gets me, i think my brain cells are older than that a good excuse..
    Don't forget to ask for help, I lived at barnes and Noble on my day off (still worked full time nights and used to sleep in my car on tuesday nights after school and before work at 10:30pm Until it got to hot out!) If your professors say its okay to tape the class that's great to do but take notes also. If i can help in anyway let me know
    best of luckremember go with the flow and study groups are good but if someone is distracting you get them out of the group or go on your own..nothing worse than before a test sitting with someone who obviously didn't study and they are getting info from you!
  11. by   Jessica1024
    I think the grading scale is unfair. The one at FIU is only the same in that anything below a 77 is failing, but the same 90 to 100 is an A. This puts people who want to continue with an education at a disadvantage. I mean that is not fair. I am sad about the grading scale. I also had made a lot of mistakes on my pharm test, but I will look forward to the next one. A lot of mistakes on stupid stuff. I am ok though. Not getting to stressed on it that's for sure.
  12. by   gradRN2007
    76,77,78 all the same not good............i always thought to myself when i was in school and someone said its better at fiu, or bcc or UM....i thought "why didn't you go there instead of complaining?" Thinking the grading scale is unfair is going to undermine all you need to work for............and you will have to work harder than you ever have..but you can do it
    go with the flow and think positive at all times no matter what..good luck
  13. by   Jessica1024
    I couldn't go to UM or FIU because I have no choice but to take the quick way out. I have a family to feed and at the moment I have gone as far as to see my jewelery just to survive this month until I get my financial aid. Either way it is not fair. We should ALL have an equal grading scale in my opion and no I am not happy about the grading scale and I myself choose to make that very clear. I am not talking about the drop off which is 77. That part I understand, I am talking about the 90 and the 80's. I am going to continue my education with the help of God and I am going to be competing with my GPA with other GPA's. As much as we would like to ignore the grading factor....its something we all have to live with.

    Either way it makes me uncomfortable that some people come here to voice their concerns whatever that may be, and there are others that just say Hey don't complain get to work.

    Yes come here and complain and cry and voice what is on your mind because that is what this is for. To let those feelings out. Whether you think the program is too hard and you are struggling...voice it out! You have to let it out somehow. My LAST choice, believe me, was MDC, but they finish a year before the other programs and I decided that was best for my family and I. You see....not everyone has the advantage to chose everything to the T.

    Again in my opion ALL grading scales should be the same because when you go to apply somewhere else you are competing with other GPAS. If they had an easier scale then you did....then it is not fair. Plus I was not talking about the C, I was talking about the other grades.

    Again thanks, and believe me I was not hoping for an easy ride through nursing. I know its going to be hard, and I welcome that. We will be working with people in the future who's lives will depend on our own decisions, and they should be precise, and for that we need good old hard training and teaching.