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hi, i wanted to know are there any mdc students who know any information on the nursing program. i have all my requirements and all i need is chemistry. i am trying to apply to the accelerated... Read More

  1. by   Nips
    Quote from su_wi_05
    Now I get it. it makes sense to focus completely on each individual science course especially since i have the time to spread them out over the course of several semesters. Did you feel you got a full grasp on the subjects after only 6 weeks worth of material?
    I was able to retain a lot of what I learned because many of the same concepts are repeated throughout the pre-reqs and in the nursing program. For instance, chemistry and nutrition are linked in some ways and human growth and development, another pre-req, is seen in pediatric nursing and nursing throughout the life span. So although you might sit in a class for 6 weeks, you will definately continue to use what you have learned well beyond the that.
  2. by   VaneJimenez
    Was there a waiting list for the MDC nursing program? I have all my prerequisites and I'm thinking about applying for the nursing program (currently I'm a dietetics major but considering nursing) I want to know if there's a crazy 2-3 year waiting list or is that just a rumor?? Please help I'm soooo anxious to know! thanks!
  3. by   SouthernAsh
    Just a rumor. Completely GPA based. I am a Current MDC Nursing student, I know how you feel.
  4. by   VaneJimenez
    Quote from SouthernAsh
    Just a rumor. Completely GPA based. I am a Current MDC Nursing student, I know how you feel.

    thank you for the extra boost of confidence, I'm just so nervous to finish my prerequisites and my GPA is not good enough and I wasted another year of my life... I got accepted to Keiser to start NOW in Febrary but the cost is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE, it's $6500 a semester... but my father works closely with the school and tells me nothing but really good things about their repuation with the hospital and the quailty of education is different because the classes are much smaller.. but I'm still so confused on making the right decision.. I'm also going to call Mercy Hospital to see how soon I can get in there? thanks you again!
  5. by   Jessica1024
    I was just looking at a comment where I said I was excited about I am in med-surg and I just would like to say I change my mind. Actually med surg is fun, but I am not too fond of pharmacology. Actually I find it more difficult then med surg. Maybe it is because this is the first time my professor is teaching pharmacology. For the first test the whole class failed, not cool.

    Med surg requires a lot of critical thinking, and a lot of studying, but it is easier except that students have clinicals on Tues and Wed then lecture on Thurs, so time is very limited. After clinicals (which are really tiring) you have to spend hours studying. Sometimes I don't even turn on the TV for days on end, no rest, nothing!
  6. by   gradRN2007
    after your lecture on thursday don't you then have the weekend and monday to study some of your notes, besides work, kids, family etc...flashcards are good and i did all my studying at school and at barnes and noble..good luck
  7. by   Chamita
    Hi Everyone,

    I am in the Transition program and am in my first semester. I am having my midterm in two weeks on Socialization, Communication, Aging, HIV, Cardio, Musculo-Skeletal, PVD, Assessment, & Stress & Anxiety-very nervous about it. Does anyone have advice as to how to prepare for this exam?

    Thanks so much
  8. by   RN-LOGIC
    Runman1914, To start off that I know off what school teaches real world nursing, none, nada, zero. It's impossible to teach real world nursing during the student phase; The student is not mentally prepare and cannot really comprehend what really nursing is all about. Eating the young nurses, criticicing, and unhumanly overworking yourself is really what is all about. No wonder there is a shortage.. Dont get me wrong, I freaking love my career, but it bothers me when nurses criticise and forget that once they were a student as well. By the way student are suppose to be clueless thats why they are studentssssss.
  9. by   gradRN2007
    jessica1024, forgot to say i did the transititional program too
    it was great, just remember that all you have to do is pass, study and study is all i can say..record lectures if okay with professors, do not record Professor Hammacks but listen well in her class..use the powerpoints u are given in class and study,
    good luck
  10. by   tracie0305
    Exactly how long is the generic program. For example if I were to start in August, when exactly when I finish??

  11. by   Nips
    I believe the generic program is 16 months, just 4 months longer than the transition and accelerated options.
  12. by   Jessica1024
    Well I have very limited time to study, because I have kids so in the afternoons I do not really study, and well...weekends are the only real time I have with them and my husband. I am not having a problem with Med surg, I know it is hard, but I like it. Where I have a problem is in pharm, but everyone is doing bad, and I do not believe that it is the students fault.

    I do not know what is going on in the nursing department, but they can not get the whole pharm thing together. Hopefully they make up their mind, and fix the problems that have been occuring so far. Oh and second semester in clinicals is soooooo much better....long and more exhausting, but better.
  13. by   SouthernAsh
    I am a MDC NS too. Also in 2nd Semester. Just curious as to what the problem is in your pharm class?