LPN relocating to Florida

  1. Hi, I am looking to move down south for a few years in January.
    Moving mainly for a change in scenery and to complete a bridge program. Looking for an LPN-RN bridge program. I have checked a few but looking for more options. The options here in Maryland are limited.
    Seeking recommendations for places to live with my 9th grader, that are diverse. I need to work at least 20 hrs a week so seeking a place where pay is decent. I have 11 years of experience mainly in hospice, substance abuse and LTC. Currently make $27 per hour.
    Looking to move into the Central Florida area.

    Any responses received are appreciated.

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  3. by   Scottishtape
    I live in the Orlando area, and there weren't too many non-private bridge programs available. I went to Valencia and did their Advanced Standing Track. It was brutal but worth it. It's one year long, with all your theory and work online, and your check offs and clinicals at the local hospitals. There are also a hand full of private bridge programs, but those cost SO much money, and their reputations aren't that great.

    As far as pay, I doubt you'll be able to command $27 down here. I was an LPN with 12 years of experience making $21.50/hr at a LTC facility, but most other places were paying $18/hr. I've heard that LPNs make more down south in the Miami area, but I've never worked down there, so I don't know what the market or schools are like down there.

    As far as diversity, you won't find many places down here that aren't diverse. I've lived in quite a few areas of Orlando, and every single place was very diverse, it's definitely a perk of Florida.

    Good luck with your move!
  4. by   Luvinglife01
    Thanks for your reply Scottishtape. I will most likely be living near Orlando. I will check out Valencia.
  5. by   ZooMommyRN
    Anywhere near a major University should have a bridge program, you'll have to wait it out for a year or pay astronomical out of state fees, as for pay, I didn't come close to that as an RN in FL so I left and moved north, COL was pretty high and we were 2+ hrs south of Orlando, good nursing school for me, not so good schools for the kids. After 5 years of minimal to no pay raises and worsening benefits we headed back to MI, pay is much better with lower COL. Good luck but pay is dismal across the board in FL
  6. by   Luvinglife01
    Thanks for your reply. I actually thought about just going to school there then leaving. Not sure if I want to stay as well. But the schools seem to be plentiful.
  7. by   Mini2544
    Hello! I live in the Orlando area and a girl in my nursing class works as an LPN part time for a home health agency and makes about 27$ an hour. You could research that. Contrary to what another poster wrote, a few of the private programs here are really good but they are expensive. No doubt about that. However, you may be able to get in quicker and with that said, you can start working as an RN earlier and time is money. I do think valencia has an LPN to RN program.. I took almost all my pre reqs there and it was fine. You just need to do what works best for you! As far as schools go..
    Lake Nona has great public schools. Houses are def not the cheapest but you can find a steal to rent if you look hard enough. Best of luck!
  8. by   Luvinglife01
    Thanks so much for replying. Definitely good to hear you can make decent in the area. As far as schools may I ask which school you are at? The housing and school info is much appreciated.