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  1. Hi everyone! I know this question is asked frequently, but bear with me! We are looking into potentially moving down to FL from the DC suburbs and are curious about what the "best" neighborhoods are. We are looking for a house with at least 3 beds/2 baths, a decent yard, and a pool, in a fairly quiet area. I found one house that looks great online, but I'd love some input from people who know the area. Its in the "Lindfields" subdivision. Is this a nice area? Any other great areas you would recommend in Central Florida? Our price cap would probably be about $375,000ish.

    I'm also curious as to the pay rage for RNs, I have 4 years experience in tele,so I have ACLS, and I just started working with babies, so I will be getting my NRP certification soon. Any ideas?

    Thanks so much!!
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  3. by   letina
    I work in Kissimmee, so know the area fairly well. You should be able to get something really nice for $375k, there are a lot of homes on the market right now so use your bargaining power :wink2:
    My friend has a home at Lindfields, she's an allnurses member, her username is ann h......I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you PM'd her.
  4. by   elizabeth321
    What about bellagio?
  5. by   9livesRN
    belagio is great also!

    listen if you dont mind a 10 mile drive, you might want to check davenport! i live there!!! it is great, calm, and with 275k (100k less) you can buy a new (2005 and up) 4 bedroom home with 2 car garage and a enclosed pool!!!

    i lived in kissimmee before, but it was getting crouded (crime levels going up also) so i moved to Davenport wich is only 10 miles away!

    the subdivisions are great here in davenport, and most will have a golf course!!! and it is close to celebration hospital, davenport, and also lakeland, which has a great hospital !!!
  6. by   elizabeth321
    What about the gated communities in Belagio?