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  1. Hi All,

    Just wondered are there any ex british nurses working in florida? I am at present going through the process of moving to Florida and wondered how difficult or easy the cultural change was for British RN.
    How is your quality of life in Florida?
    I have two children who will be 13 and 16 when we move and wondered about how other family members cope with the upheavel, both my children are very concerned about Florida schools etc.

    Feel free to discuss or expand on any issues that you feel important or even funny.

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  3. by   KristinWW
    I don't know any British RNs but I do know many British employees from the large companies here. They seem to be very happy here and we love to tease each other because the cultures are different (formal/informal, direct/indirect). The only problem I see consistently is obtaining citizenship as opposed to working visas. It's a long, expensive, tedious process and it doesn't matter in what type of positions these employees are. I even had one approach me to ask if there was a way to "pay" someone to get it done
  4. by   KristinWW
    Whoops, just saw your question about the schools. Public schools here in South Florida are used to diversity and there are students of every nationality here so it's not a problem. The only items of concern are private schools and immunizations. Private schools are $$$ (as they are everywhere in the U.S.) if you choose to go that route. Immunizations are required and checked thoroughly; this is a peeve of mine and I'm happy it's being done.

    Much depends on which part of Florida you are considering as Florida is huge and the cultures are VERY different. Good luck!
  5. by   bettyboop
    Hi Kristinww

    Thankyou for replying to my post, I have read the booklets re:school immunisation the only one my girls don't have is Hep B I am also a great believer in this program. I am at present waiting to sit my NCLEX the company I am going with lets me fill in the forms and at the end I have to chose the area of employment for the initial enterance we are chosing central florida, but after adjusting for a few years florida is our oyster so to speak, my whole family will have a green card prior to getting out there this will take longer but as my daughters will be around 16 & 13 we were concerned that at 21 they would have to return to engand on a work visa.
    Everyone here think just because USA speaks english there will be no problem with language/culture diversity but my husband spends alot of time in the USA and knows how funny these hiccups can be. Look forwad to chatting with you all there in the Sunshine State

  6. by   JenNJFLCA
    Hey bettyboop!
    I am a nursing student in Tampa, FL and I just wanted to tell you about the area a bit since you said you were looking at central FL. I am originally from New Jersey, but I love it here in Tampa. The school systems are not that great here, from what I've heard. I am 25 and don't have any kids! It might depend on the school. Plant High School or any other school in South Tampa might be okay. It's more expensive to live here than in other parts of the city, so it depends what your income would be and how big of a house you want. I totally agree with you about the language barriers! I called my friend in Worcester, England the other day and at some points wondered if it was really English that she was speaking. There's a guy from England at my job and he has actually lost a lot of his accent, and I also know this guy in Jacksonville who has been here just as long and his accent is still pretty strong. They both seem to have acclimated just fine. I guess it depends on the individual. Quality of life here is pretty good! Lots of sunshine, lots of rain during the summer, hot hot hot! You get used to the heat though. Tampa is also an hour and a 1/2 from Disneyworld/Universal!
  7. by   bettyboop
    Hi jenNJFLCA

    Last year spent some time in Tampa and St Petes have a relative who lives in St Petes she and her family have lived there for 14 yrs and would never come back to the UK, due to the wonderful climate and the people are so friendly. Both her lads went to school there and they had a very good experience. I have been a RN several yrs but my hubby is a project manager and spends at least 1 week out of every month in NY or New Jersey, after all the research we decided to go to Florida we both enjoy working but free time in the UK is rather boring unless you like pubs, football or walking in the cold damp weather, all of which we hate
    Husband like motorbikes, I like sun bathing, walks and of course shopping
    Looking forward to swimming in a pool of our own even boating if possible

    Hope to be out there within 18mths

  8. by   JenNJFLCA
    People here are very friendly! St Pete is very nice and there's a lot to do! I love going to the beach at Fort DeSoto park. You can barbecue there too.
    Just to warn you about getting licensure in FL: I have heard from people on this website that it is a nightmare to get registered here. Make sure you do everything you can in advance because they take forever. Since I am still a student I haven't had to deal with this, but I just thought I'd warn you based on what I've heard.
    Good luck with moving! My parents moved from NJ to California.....I can't imagine how crazy it will be moving to a totally different country! Are your kids excited?
  9. by   bettyboop
    Hi JenNJFLCA

    my two girls are excited but are very apprehensive, especially the 15 yr old. We all understand it is a big upheavel but are convinced we will all have a much better quality of life

    At the moment I am waiting to hear wether all the paper work sent to CES is acceptable so I can get my cert to sit NCLEX exam as you will be doing shortly.

    For the last few years we were looking to purchase a holiday home in Florida, but want the whole package so we are taking the plunge

    There are so many things to sort out to get even close to moving if we thought about all at once it would be so overwhelming but we have had and still have lots and lots of support.

    At present I work in surgery also have done ICU/HDU and medical so feel I have a good grounding in what ever position I choose, but only time will tell

    Bye for now Bettyboop