Is nursing as bad as everyone says???

  1. I am new to this site, this is only my second posting. I have read alot of postings on different sites that nursing is the worst career, is that really true for those of you that have been in for awhile? I was wanting to get into this field but now im scared I am about to make a big mistake and be miserable like some of these nurses. Is it true that new nurses on the job get treated like trash? Oh my gosh I am about to start my courses....I hope I haven't made a big mistake
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  3. by   ZASHAGALKA
    Anything really worth doing is worth the struggles to do it.

    Is nursing really THAT bad sometimes. Yes.

    But are there days when I leave work knowing I'm doing God's work for me while I'm here. Absolutely.

    Most of us will tell you it's not the job we hate but the things that get in the way of us doing the job the way we know it should be done.

    Nursing is changing. We are becoming more professional, even if it's kicking and screaming. We are making a larger voice for ourselves. And really, it's exciting.

    Another thing you have to consider is that this is a place by nurses for nurses. This is our break room. So yes, we're gonna vent sometimes. That might give you a lopsided pictures. You ask most of the people venting if they like their jobs - and most do, the just don't like certain aspects of their jobs.

    Welcome to Allnurses, this is a wonderful resource. And keep posting.

  4. by   vermonter4life
    That was a great uplifting posting, I see your point!! Thank you very much for that, I really really needed it! I don't know anyone in this field that I can ask questions to and get some input, so thank you for giving me a little in sight I really appreciate it
  5. by   Fiona59
    We were just having this discussion at work yesterday.

    The conclusion we all came to is its not the job, its management, peer pressure, and plain old fashioned powertripping by other nurses that make us miserable.

    A co-worker was denied time off to attend a friends funeral (our contract only allows for time off for relatives), another wasn't allowed to leave her shift early when her parent was admitted to our ER due to a heart attack, days off are impossible to book because "we don't have the staff" the list could go on.

    Women I know have quit to get time off to attend a school function.

    We all love what we do, we just can't deal with cr*p handed out by our "superiors". It's not exactly personality conflicts, more a case of we want to have a life outside of our facility, we'd like some support in what we do.

    You have to be able to set your boundaries and abide by them when it come to working extra.
  6. by   ceribeth
    I know this is an old post, perhaps even broad and simplistic by some views, but I had a similar scare today. I am beginning an LPN program next week, having first obtained a BA in a different field of work several years ago. Making a change is always scary, and it's good having information up front, the good and the bad, to prevent surprise, shock, and awe later on.

    Thanks again for all these views. The posts here are really helpful, even if you think no one is reading them, even posts several years old