In the process of applying to FL universities

  1. i searched several times, but can't find a fourm of FL students in the process of applying for first time in nursing BSN programs. i know i am REALLY FREAKING OUT!

    does anyone know what the averages (GPA, test scores, etc) of universities around florida are? i'm applying to FGCU (my current school), FAU, UNF, and FSU. my GPA is only 3.21 and my pre-reqs 3.0. i'm thinking my GPA needs to be A LOT HIGHER!

    and of the FL schools, which are good and which should i avoid? (i've been hearing rumors of FGCU's program going downhill fast)

    any info would be so great! :spin:
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  3. by   MB37
    I go to USF, and it's good you didn't waste the money on an application - they look ONLY At GPA, and it had to be well over a 3.5 for the class that came in with me. Hopefully other programs in FL look at more than just that, but I'm new to this state so I have no idea...USF is great, but yeah, you need a really high GPA to get in.
  4. by   miss rochelle
    rumor has it that UNF wants no lower than a 3.4 gpa... i've known people that had 3.1s, 3.2s not get in...

    that's why i said forget UNF for now, i'll go for my BSN after i get my license!
  5. by   ALGMDC
    I dont know if you have ever heard of Barry University in miami Fl? But, I have a 3.3 and I got accepted there on my first try! They look at your science grades more than anything! I think you would really have a good chance to get into that school. Check it out!!

  6. by   LeavingTeaching4RN
    I was in a similar situation, whereas my undergrad gpa was only a 3.3. I contacted the admissions departments and academic advisers at FAU, FIU, UCF, UNF, USF, and my alma mater, FSU (Go Seminoles!) and was basically told that I would not be accepted to the accelerated programs with a 3.3 and it was highly unlikely that I would get into the standard two year programs.

    So, I too applied to Barry University and got accepted into the Spring '08 ABSN Program. Then, I began to lose sleep and hair trying to figure out how to repay the private loans it would take to pay the $12000/semester tuition and all the other non-sense fees they tack on top.

    Finally, after speaking to nurses in the field, I decided to take the ASN route ($6000 tuition for the program and all fees). Later, I will do a bridge program to a MSN.
  7. by   ALGMDC
    Yeah well that is exactly why I did not apply for the ABSN program...I just applied to the basic and at barry they give you alot of chances to get scholarships, I get 11,400 a semester.
  8. by   pkohm
    I got to Florida International University, we have a pretty good program (little unknown i guess), But it's becoming better and better each year. We just recently got a bunch of funds thrown at the nursing school (we're the number 1 PHD granting institute to minorities), and CRNA school went from 15 admits a year to 45, and some changes were made to regular Nursing school too...
    Anyway lol... It's located in the middle of Miami so definetly nice experience (i've lived here my whole life)
    Min. GPA is 3.0, this years average GPA was 3.4, lowest a 3.0, highest a 3.9...

    I have a few friends at UCF and FGCU, Both seem to like it, although i've heard better things about UCF...
    ANother school located down here that supposedly has a decent BSN program is Nova Southeastern University, from what i hear their mainly known for their medical stuff, they have a 2.75 min. GPA.

    Go for what you want of course, but thought i'd mention a couple schools you didn't mention.. Definetly don't overlook them. F.I.U. had the highest first time passing rate for CPA's for 3 years over any university in the nation, ranked in top 7 for international buisness, just opened up a Medical school last semester (and has had a law school for awhile)... It's mainly becoming a popular school because it's the only public school in a decent radius... closest state schools are UCF and FGCU.
    I think you have a decent GPA... i won't lie to you, i mean it's not rediculously amazing, but just do well on your exam and you should be fine, how is your science GPA? But overall your GPA could obviously be worst lol, so try not to stress it too much, just apply a few places you'd like to go and see where you get in.