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Hello, I plan to attend to HCC's 2013 fall evening nursing program (applying in Jan). I am curious to see what people people's GPA is going in. I hear spring's is lower than fall's. Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   la1717
    Maybe TODAY...JK
  2. by   lovemy2
    I laugh to keep from crying lmao j/k....It is sad though....
  3. by   aheard
    Not today....good thing im not holding my breath lol Maybe tomorrow bahaha so hopeful!
  4. by   lovemy2
    Nothing here neither but now I'm curious what the reason is why we had to wait so much longer then the other classes. I don't know if it's good or bad.
  5. by   PatriciaJ
    Maybe they are waiting for the budget to pass? I can't think of why. It is much longer than the previous years. But there is nothing we can do. I don't even wait for the mail anymore. I think it will be maybe next week or the week after. Don't be discouraged. It will happen and before we know it, we'll be getting ready for school. I hope they have an alternate orientation date like they did last summer because I will not be here at the end of June. Enjoy the weather and just take it day by day.
  6. by   lovemy2
    Yea I put my mailbox stalking behind me.....sigh....it just not the same anymore lol
  7. by   la1717
    I bet they probably want this off their plate just as much as we do. LOL. Tomorrow marks the end of the 12th week. They said they would have the apps processed by then, so after the committee meets, we should hear something. It would be cool if they would post updates about where they are at in the process on the website. It would reduce their phone calls and e-mails, and OUR stress level. WIN-WIN.
  8. by   aheard
    I soo agree la1717 updates would be very nice an email stating the apps have been process and allow.......however much time to be mailed....that would help with my anxiety and stress.....knowi ng a little more info would be considerate on their behalf. So how long does it take for them to mail the letters?? I say by the end of the week.....oh i pray, i pray)
  9. by   la1717
    When I called HCC this morning, I accidentally ended up on the phone with the Director of Nursing...I have no idea how I did it- I went thru the automated system. Anyway, while I had her, I figured I may as well ask her about the apps...lol. She was very nice and helpful...told me that admissions handles the apps, and told me where to find their number on the website. Then she said 'I may want to hold off though, because the letters are coming out this week or next...next week is more likely'. Now, this is hearsay, like most the info we get. If it doesn't happen, don't shoot the messenger...lol. Just wanted to pass it along.
  10. by   lovemy2
    Some news is better then none : )
  11. by   skrytus
  12. by   skrytus
    Where is the county health department?
  13. by   la1717
    Quote from skrytus
    Where is the county health department?
    Googled: Hillsborough - Location: 302 N Michigan Ave, Plant City, FL 33563 Phone:(813) 307-8074 Polk - Address: 3241 Lakeland Hills Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33805 Phone:(863) 413-2636