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  1. by   icaspe
    Quote from raym20on
    Jaudon usually teaches at Ybor city campus. Did you check there? She's a great teacher so it would be great if you got in her class.
    Yes I checked. I typed in her name for Summer and Fall but she's only doing 1085. Bummer.
  2. by   leepoffaith

    If you go on hcc website and click on search sections you can pull up Fall's schedule for all the campuses. Southshore Nursing I is showing 2 days of clinicals. Maybe it rotates and isn't both?
  3. by   lhart027
    Does anyone know about the LPN-RN program? I want to know if the prerequisites requirements are the same. Thanks
  4. by   mtaleb
    For all of u ladies and gens waiting on the appeal's commitee to get back with u, well the wait is almost over...finally. I spoke to ML today, and she said the letters will be mailed out this coming Tuesday, which will be May 8th. So we should expect a letter from the mailman next Thursday or Friday, or maybe even Saturday at the latest. So less than a week to go...yeahhhhh
  5. by   k.2012
    Oh man, if appeals are already going out maybe people will start moving out of seats to make room for the alternates!!
  6. by   brandeekins
    Hey all. I graduated today with my AA in Liberal Arts... now I get to do it again in 2 years with my ADN!! Yay!

    I wanted to let everyone know that I saw wine scrub bottoms today at Wal-Mart for $15.

    Also, now that appeals are done, we should get campus assignments pretty quickly. (I was told end of May). It's pretty crazy how high the alternate GPAs are! Good luck to those that are waiting.
  7. by   k.2012
    Congratulations Brandee! Patiently waiting over here for any word on what's going on, lol. I feel so out of the loop, and quite nervous actually. It all takes time, I suppose.
  8. by   brandeekins
    Happy nurses day, my future nurse friends!!
  9. by   brandeekins
    I just registered for my CPR/BLS class. I went to this site: In-Pulse CPR- Over 9 class locations in FL. Offering CPR, First Aid and AED American Heart certifications., and if you use discount code: NEWS, you get $5 off so it is $45 instead of the normal $50.

    I chose the 6/14 evening class... if anyone wants to join me!

    Closer and closer.....
  10. by   leepoffaith
    Not a bad deal considering this is also the 2 year certification.... I may seriously consider this Brandee
  11. by   mtaleb
    Brandee do we need to take that class or is it just extra?
  12. by   lhart027
    I think the CPR class is one of the things we will need prior starting the program. I had mine renew (because I work in healthcare) and won't expire until next year so that should be good for the purpose.
  13. by   dhellwig
    THANKS Kristin for all the info!!! Very much appreciated!!!