Hillsborough Community College Fall 2009

  1. I thought I'd start a thread for anyone starting this Fall at HCC! I'm so excited/anxious...I can't wait for orientation next week! Anyone else out there?

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  3. by   minichilli85
    Danielle are you going to Dalemabry or Plant City, day or night. I too am excited, I am just going over all things that I need to get before the semester starts. Good luck to.
  4. by   UM Review RN
    Moving thread to the Florida forum, where you will get more answers. Good luck in your endeavor.
  5. by   drmazur
    Hi! I am going to Dale Mabry, in the 1-4 pm class. I was originally accepted to plant city but was able to switch ( i live in new port richey so the commute would have been crazy). I actually went this afternoon and bought my scrubs and shoes. I'm going on vacation for a week after the 4th and figured if i could get this out of the way then i can focus on everything else we need to get done after i get back. Which campus are you on?
  6. by   SmilesNoir
    congrats ..keep us update!!
  7. by   msbaox
    Hi. I was wondering how HCC "chooses" future nursing students. I have heard conflicting stories. One, a waiting list after you have completed your prereqs and two, based on your prereqs gpa. I am taking my last prereq and will be applying for next years class.
  8. by   Unzie
    It is based on your GPA...I saw one post saying the cut-off GPA for the Fall class was 3.42!
  9. by   2011nurse
    Fall 2009, Dale Mabry, morning (9-12am) class here. I too, purchased my scrubs, patches, and am pricing out shoes and the Clinical Calculations book, so I can get started on the math. Our instructor e-mailed on Campus Cruiser already to ask about clincial preferences!! We had St. Joes, UCH, Memorial, and Town & Country to choose from. I am so excited!!

  10. by   drmazur
    Just out of curiosity which hospital did you choose? Which UCH was it? And where are Memorial and T&C? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to think ahead to when we get our list...
  11. by   2011nurse
    I chose in this order: St Joes, UCH Carrollwood, Town & Country, Memorial.

    UCH was for Carrollwood

    Town & Country looks like it is west of HCC
    Memorial looks like it is in Hyde Park area

    I googled the last two as I had never heard of them.

    Hope this helps!!
  12. by   drmazur
    LOL, I did the same thing on google after i messaged you! i never even heard of those two hospitals. I would put them in the same order you did...I hope you get what you want! :spin:
  13. by   purplestang
    I just finished NPI morning session. If anyone wants any information or has any questions, let me know!
  14. by   NewGoalRN
    Purplestang, thank you so much for making the offer. I applied for the evening program at the DM campus for Jan 2010, I am currently awaiting a decision.

    Would you mind emailing me your syllabus for Process 1 and or the chapter reading assignments for Potter and Perry. I heard that the first test covers 9 chapters.

    How many lab hours are required?
    How hard was the math?
    What should we be studying out the Kees and Marshall math book? i.e chapter/topics
    How many students did you start with and how many did you end wiht at the end of the semester?

    What is your opinion about the quality of the program?
    What is the best thing that we should do to prepare?
    How did you find the exams , hard, very hard, easy?
    How hard or easy was it to learn how to do heath assessments, taking vital signs, breathing sounds (assessing) etc.

    Ok, I don't want to overload you but any insight would be great. You can post your reply here.