HESI Test at FSU

  1. Anyone taken the HESI test at FSU or anywhere else where they require the science sections? I'm taking it this Friday and looking for any last minute tips! I saw some other threads about this subject with some links, which no longer work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   ceekitty
    sorry i just now saw this - i hope you did well! are you applying to the accelerated BSN for spring 2010?
  4. by   JJV04C
    I actually did end up doing well! I am applying to FAU for Summer 2010 and USF for Fall 2010 for the accelerated BSN programs...and if for some reason (my fiance's job or financial reasons) I end up staying in Tallahasee then I'll apply to FSU for Spring 2011. Are you applying to an ABSN program also?
  5. by   ceekitty
    Yes I am applying to FSU's accel BSN spring 2010 - we find out in a couple weeks if we are in or not...

    I had originally applied to USF for Fall 2009 but my previous nutrition class didn't transfer, so I'm taking Science of Nutrition now... USF doesn't require an entry exam or anything - they mainly look at GPA.

    Good luck to you!
  6. by   JJV04C
    Thanks, good luck to you too!
  7. by   PetroNole
    I'm taking the HESI A2 at FSU in January and was wondering what study guides/books anyone recommends who has taken the test. There are so many different things online and it's hard to tell what will actually be helpful. Thanks!
  8. by   ceekitty
    Hmmm... The FSU testing center actually has a study guide (which I didn't know about until the day of the test!) - one girl I know relied totally on that for her studies. I studied a couple of books that I got off amazon for real cheap:

    Nursing School Entrance Exam (CliffsTestPrep)
    Nursing School Entrance Exam (Learning Express Education Exams: Complete Preparation Gudies)

    Hope that helps!! Good luck to you (:
  9. by   wishingonastar85
    I recommend the Barron's Nursing Entrance Exams study guide the the actual HESI study guide. The test wasn't too bad. I had more trouble with the A & P than anything. The Hesi book doesn't go into as much detail as the Barron's book, but I still found it helpful. Plus, if you can do the material in the HESI book, you should pass with flying colors because the study guide seemed way harder than the actual test. I am willing to part with my study materials should you need them...
  10. by   PetroNole
    Wishinonastar85....are you really done with your HESI study material? I've been looking all over online trying to figure out what book or books to purchase. I plan on starting to study after this semester is over. Let me know if you are really interested in getting rid of yours. Thanks!
  11. by   JJV04C
    I used the Evolve Hesi Admissions Test Prep book and the Barrons Nursing Entrance Exam Test Prep. For me, the best way to go about it was to pretty much memorize all the material in the books, and then take the practice tests and for every question (in the sciences sections) I would research that topic and take some notes; like, if the question asked about step 2 in meiosis, I would look up meiosis and take notes on the whole process. That got me above a 90 on all 3 scinece sections, before having taken A&P 2 and never having taken biology. It sounds time consuming, but I only studied for a week. Also, try googling "A & P Lecture Notes"; there might even be a link for them on here; that REALLY helped me get some details about all the body systems.
    Good luck!
  12. by   jess8806
    Yeah I agree, I just took the HESI at FSU on Jan 11th. I pretty much reread over all my A&P I &II notes, and studies the Evolve HESI study guide. It didn't go into as much detail as the test, but it pretty much told you the topics you should do futher study on. I was really stressed about chem, but the biology is what actually gave me the problem. I say study the HESI evolve book, do all the tests, research all the different topics to the multiple choice answers, and you should be okay. I also found a great pdf that has practice math problems and goes over in more detail ( with helpful links to different sites) what topics you need to know. I'm new on here so I'm not sure how to attach the pdf, but if you pm me with you email I can send it to you. I found it on this website posted by someone else actually. Overall I made a 92% which I was happy about. I didn't have much time to study too indepth some of the sciences again which brought my average down a little. But I'm still happy
  13. by   survrgrl08
    "I used the Evolve Hesi Admissions Test Prep book and the Barrons Nursing Entrance Exam Test Prep. For me, the best way to go about it was to pretty much memorize all the material in the books, and then take the practice tests"

    I used both of these study guides for Hesi Review and I am doing a lot better than I thought. I am actually excited to take part of mine this Friday. I read one of the threads to this post that if you can understand the book and what not that the Hesi is a breeze..

    Thank You for the confidence..
  14. by   smm1901
    Hi, could you send me over your study material in pdf format? I can't pm for some reason though!