HCC Applicants for Spring 2010

  1. Hi all, I applied to the nursing program at HCC for spring 2010 and I was wondering if there is anybody who might have done the same thing. At this point I'm extremely anxious trying to find out if I got accepted or how long will it take for them to decide it??? Does anyone know anything???? I appreciate any replies. :uhoh21:
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  3. by   lactnet
    I applied for the spring also and am anxiously awaiting a response. I've heard they don't send anything out until July? Post when you hear something
  4. by   josh101
    Thanks lactnet I didn't know that. I'll let you know as soon as I receive an answer from them. I can't wait to find out!!!! :icon_roll
  5. by   skad33
    I applied also, I contacted the nursing department end of May 09 and they told me they couldn't confirm the receipt of my application because it wasn't the deadline yet.
  6. by   lactnet
    I sent an email a few days before the deadline and they just never responded even though it was the address the recording said to send it to. ah well. i wish that HCC would at least post online when they are going to send out acceptance/rejection letters. ?????
  7. by   lactnet
    have you guys heard what the lowest gpa they are letting in lately? I've heard 3.6 and 3.2?
  8. by   NewGoalRN
    Are you referring to Hillsborough Community College? If you are, I know the Fall 2009 class floor gpa was 3.42. I dont know about Jan 2010. If anyone has this info, would you please share?

    What are your gpas? I have a feeling that this semester will be the same gpa or slightly higher and that they will have record applications.
  9. by   lactnet
    Wow thanks for sharing that! I unfortunately have a low gpa (3.38) due to 2 classes (english & math got C's) from 10 yrs ago. But received all A's these last two semesters in AP 1 &2, micro, and sociology. 10 yrs ago I never would have thought I would even consider being a nurse. Now it's all I want to be, LOL. I'm a CLC- certified lactation counselor and Doula now. Life changes, KWIM. I am praying hard and of course taking psych this summer along with human growth and dev. so I can start getting the prereq's done for USF if I don't make it into HCC's spring class. Here's hoping!!
  10. by   NewGoalRN
    Well good luck and keep positive. I have no idea what the gpa will be but it is so competitive out there. Here is the link for USF upper division BSN program
    It says that you need a 3.2 gpa to apply but i wonder what is the actual gpa that they accept?
    What campus are you attending? Also, if you are thinking about USF, you also have to take chem.
  11. by   lactnet
    I figure with the other classes this summer as well as chem and stats this fall it will bring my gpa up enough that I should be able to get into USF if I don't get into HCC.
    Thanks for the positive words :-)
  12. by   keebnblondie
    Last Spring the floor GPA was 3.16 but fall was higher. I was told that usually the Fall applications have a higher GPA and the Spring has a lower GPA. I don't know if it's true or not but I hope so.
  13. by   NewGoalRN
    Well this Spring it was 3.42 so I am hoping that you are correct regarding Spring enrollment.
  14. by   lactnet
    I heard they were planning to postpone opening the Southshore/Ruskin campus but have now decided to open it with 26 seats. Which means instead of the usual 100, 50 at plant and 50 at dale mabry, we're looking at 126 seats. anyone else heard this info?