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Ahh I am getting my application together to apply for Summer '08...anyone else appying that is on here? I am going to retake the NAT on Monday and I have 185.88 points...If I do not get in for... Read More

  1. by   hawkfdc
    So...does anyone know how our schedule goes as far as breaks? Do we follow the normal college schedule with spring break, christmas break and thanksgiving off?
    But be prepared...summer folks will go straight thru until the CHristmas break, there is no break between Term 1 finals and when Term 2 starts (finals end on THursday, classes start for Term 2 on the following Monday).
  2. by   look-4-miracles
    As long as I have Christmas break off I will be okay....I think I will need it by the time it rolls around
  3. by   misswhitney
    I went to my meeting at Worksource and the lady told me that there are still funds available, that they will cover whatever your financial aid does not cover, only books and tuition and then all the stuff at the end, like your test, and all that stuff they tack on...and she said you can take your RN out of state, the only thing they require is that you keep in touch with them 18 months after the program has ended, that you find a job within 90 days of completing the program, turn in time sheets, and keep a 3.0 GPA.
  4. by   miss rochelle
    ugh, i don't have a 3.0 gpa. i messed up when i first started going to college so my gpa is obv. suffering, ha. guess i'm SOL!
  5. by   misswhitney
    No I think you have to have a 3.0 from your program grades.
  6. by   miss rochelle
    my nursing school gpa is DEFINITELY not a 3.0! lol.
  7. by   look-4-miracles

    So...I'm out searching for the best way to get money for school...and I came across this...I haven't looked into it deeply yet but an interest rate of 5% is the lowest i've seen and it looks like the max you can get is $13000. Not too shabby!

    I wanted to share! If you've found something good please share too...thanks everyone!
  8. by   misswhitney
    Hey guys less than a month til orientation!!! Yay!! Does anyone know anything about the urine testing...? Do I have to go to north campus to get paper work or something?? I am so confused...
  9. by   look-4-miracles
    You have to go to the campus and pick up the chain of custody form for your drug test. you have to sign for it so they cant fax it or mail it to you...and the clinic does not make apts they are walk in only and they are off dunn avenue

    yet another convenient stop on the way to nursing school lol

    let me know if you have any other questions...i think i've got a pretty good grasp on it
  10. by   misswhitney
    Thanks so much...=) I was getting confused...=)
  11. by   misswhitney
    If you have not done your fingerprinting yet, the building is like a caramel color and has an iron clad fence around it. There is a brick building beside it and you have to go through the back door. I did not know this and I was looking for over an hour...and I tried calling the 1-800 number and no one picked up! So I have to make another appt. Just so no one else is confused...=)
  12. by   look-4-miracles
    Just so you feel a little better.....I was lost too...and so was everyone else that came in the building while I was waiting

    It's silly to have a building with no markings on it whatsoever...

    oh well...I guess by the end of all this I will at least know how to get around Jacksonville
  13. by   misswhitney
    Remember to turn in your papers today!! =)