1. I know it is a little early, but anyone plan on applying for FCCJ's spring 2010 program?? If I can get my Nat points up and if I do well in Micro this summer , I will be ready to apply!!!Finally!!
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  3. by   CLAIRifyThat
    Heyy! I'll be applying too! How many points do you have?
  4. by   mydream77
    HEy, I am currently taking micro this summer and I am going to take the Nat when I finish this class, then I will know. How about you?
  5. by   Amy_ky84
    I'm taking micro now as well, and am applying in spring
  6. by   FLmomof5
    Not sure if you know this....but there is a REGION tab (above) UNITED STATES/FLORIDA page with lots of FCCJ assorted semester threads. You might want to make one there. You might get helpful advice from us FCCJ NS's!
  7. by   SarahW88
    Hey I am so glad someone has this forum already! I was hoping to get in to the fall 09 program,but I missed it by a few points. However, I have my head held high and I am pumped for spring 2010! I am retaking my NAT exam and finally finished my Human Growth and Development class. I'm looking forward to talk with all of you
  8. by   mydream77
    Hey SarahW88, That is great you have such a positive attitude about this!! I am sure you will do just fine for Spring 2010!! I have to take the Nat over as well and I hope that will put me where I need to be too! I also finish my micro class in a couple of weeks, so hopefully we will be on our way!! Good Luck to you!!
  9. by   SarahW88
    Hi! Have you found anything helpful for studying for the NAT? That's awesome that you are almost done with micro, what professor do you have it with?
  10. by   mydream77
    Hey, I am taking a Professor at north campus.(I don't think we are suppose to name the teachers on the forum, I think we can only tell each other that on private messaging.) Anyways, I have the Arco Nursing and Allied Health entance exam book, that is what they have recommended. So, I hope I can do better on it, the first time I took it I didn't do so well. Allright, I will talk to you soon, I have to leave for class in a little while!
  11. by   SarahW88
    OoOo Good to know that I can't repeat any of the professors names! Thank you I dont want to get in to trouble . I really need to study up to take the NAT again because I didn't do so well myself!
  12. by   FutureRNMom
    Hi you all! I am also applying for FCCJ Nursing Program for Spring 2010. I was going to apply for Fall 09 but I didn't do as good as I wanted to on the NAT, right now my current points are 186.92 but I am going to retake the NAT on August 20th and hopefully I can get up in the 200 point range, My grades points come up to 105, and I am completely finish with all my prereqs! For the fall semester I am completing my last 18 credits to recieve my AA and for a back up plan I am going to apply for UNF and JU also, my gpa is solid I have a 3.5 right now, I wish you guys nothing but the best of luck! Hopefully I get into somebodies nursing program in 2010!
  13. by   hkb0410
    Hi. I am applying for Spring semester. I applied for Fall w/ 186 points but didn't make the cutoff. I am finishing up Micro now and am going to retake the NAT so hopefully, I will be over 200 points next time I apply. Are you going to the informative session in a few weeks?
  14. by   FutureRNMom
    There is a informative session? When exactly is it? I would definitely love to go!