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I know it is a little early, but anyone plan on applying for FCCJ's spring 2010 program?? If I can get my Nat points up and if I do well in Micro this summer , I will be ready to... Read More

  1. by   SarahW88
    Congrats everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! I just recieved my email but can't open the darn attachment!!!!! Does getting email mean I definetly got in??
  2. by   SarahW88
    NVM I GOT IN!! Just got my packet in the mail. I'm so excited to finally meet all of you and see you soon!!
  3. by   stawall0102
    I think I only put my school email, but I can't remember. Just wait for the mail to come.. i know that is easier said than done. How many points did you apply with?
  4. by   stawall0102
    it is a little confusing isn't it... i am not sure if we are required to get all of them or not. I know that we have the option on the HEP B.
  5. by   RNMee
    I take it nobody knows the cuttoff yet for Jvansko? How many did you apply with, and are you out of county?
  6. by   jkvanso
    SarahW88, what were your points?

    Nothing in the "snail mail" for me either ladies. Darn! Guess I will be REALLY surprised IF an acceptance letter DOES come!!!!!

    Has anyone gotten the "denial" letter yet? I know (from experience!) that they put the point cutoff total in those letters, LOL
  7. by   jkvanso
    Quote from tmooney
    I take it nobody knows the cuttoff yet for Jvansko? How many did you apply with, and are you out of county?

    Okay, let me start by saying I know there is a really good chance I didn't get in! LOL But my points were 189 in county! Here's to hoping! So far it seems as they lowest accepted was 195? Hmmmm, not in my favor huh?
  8. by   casperostrich
    Hey all,
    Well was I ever surprised to get a big envelope in the mail. I am in as well!! Such a great relief and surprise. I am in Clay and I had 215.96 this time. See you all at orientation! My name is Corrie. I am an older :0 white female. LOL
  9. by   stawall0102
    Great points Corrie!! Congrats!! Can't wait to meet you in December.
  10. by   FutureRNMom
    Hi Stacy and Corrie! Congrats can't wait to see you guys in Dec!

  11. by   RNMee
    My name is Theresa!
  12. by   Braffit
    Theresa!!! I know you!! I've been wondering if it was your for the longest time! You just married Mike....right? I used to work with you at the Cheese. It's Christina. Tiny. Curly hair. I'm going to feel really stupid if this isn't you. lol. See you at Orientation! I'm so happy I know someone.
  13. by   Amy_ky84
    So does Anyone know about the LPN program. Do letters go out the same time?