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Hello Everyone, I submitted my app for FCCJ RN Program. I was just wondering if anyone knows how hard it is to get into the Night program. I have a family and i am trying to make sure to work out... Read More

  1. by   elby812
    Yeah, just the form the doc had to fill out for the physical. I thought there was something else in there to turn in. I'm going through it tonight to try to get re-organized. I just got home from out of town. I got my titer results back today. So I think I'm done with just about everything.
    I'm curious too about what our schedules will be.
  2. by   np_wannabe
    Quote from hawkfdc
    Why at Deerwood and not North Campus?

    Also, since you know the evening schedule, do you know the daytime schedule?

    Thanks (starting FCCJ in May)
    No. I only knew the schedule for the January night/weekend track because I had been looking into it. I'm no longer considering FCCJ (I got in to UF), so I haven't kept up with it. Sorry.
  3. by   squirtle
    Quote from hawkfdc
    Why at Deerwood and not North Campus?

    Also, since you know the evening schedule, do you know the daytime schedule?

    Thanks (starting FCCJ in May)
    At orientation there will be a "lottery" system in place to work out the schedules. Unfortunately, there is no way to know what your schedule will be for the day program until then. I am antsy to find out what mine will be as well! :wink2:
  4. by   sbc8201
    Finally found some fellow FCCJ'ers. I'm applying for the fall program. I'll have all of my pre-reqs done in may and will barely meet the june 1 deadline for applying. The way I've figured my points I should have around 200 (assuming I stay on track and get an A in A&P2). My question for ya'll is - what was the time frame from when you submitted your application to hearing that you got in? I'm gonna do the nites/wkend thing so I guess it is a bit tighter competition to get in. Did any of yall apply to both (nite AND day track)? That is what the counselor told me to do to increase my chances but I think my points total should be high enough to get in to nites/weekends. Anyways - sorry about the rambling on - it would just be nice to hear some feedback from some people who have gone thru with the program. It seems like it is hard to get any information from the FCCJ people on what to expect. Thanks.
  5. by   elby812
    Hi sbc! I heard exactly 4 weeks after the deadline but they tell you that it will be 6-8 weeks.
    I was accepted for this summer and we did our orientation today. I'm not sure on how the night/program works. I applied just for day. 200 should be plenty to get you in the program though. I think our cut off was 183.
    Well good luck to you!
  6. by   hawkfdc
    THere were no night/weekend choices for the first term of summer. Post up the questions you have and we'll see if we can answer them based upon limited experience.

    Orientation was a killer today though, glad thats over with.
  7. by   MikeinFl
    Hi all,

    I am currently in the nights/weekends program at FCCJ and about to finish Term I. I would be happy to help with any questions you might have. I can tell you the cut off for our group was at 181 points. Our schedule was tests on Monday nights from 6 p.m. to whenever. For the frist few weeks we had techniques class on Tuesday nights from 6 - 9 p.m. That only ran about 4 weeks. Thursday nights was Concepts class from 6-9 p.m. Saturdays is clinical day from 7a.m. to 7 p.m. You are required to go to the hospital on Friday to gather your patient info and have your care plan written for Saturday morning. Sunday was Health Assesment class from 1 - 5 p.m. Pharmacology was online. If you are given the option, avoid this class online at all costs. It was very difficult! Our clinicals were at Baptist downtown but they do use most of the other facilities so there is no guarantee where you will end up. The first term is a lot of work but very doable. A lot of us are still working full time, with families and getting through the term. Biggest tip I can give you is to keep up with your reading. If you fall behind, catching up would prove difficult. Feel free to e-mail me with any other questions you might have.
  8. by   sbc8201
    Yo MikeinFl,
    I will definitely be hittin ya up for some insight. I'm gettin ready to apply for the fall Nite/weekend program as soon as I finish my A&P II. Are there many guys in your program? Have you encountered any issues being a guy (I assume you're a dude!! "MikeinFL") in any of your classes / clinicals? I'm pretty nervous but anxious at the same time. Now, are your classrooms at Deerwood or N.side? I heard that the n/w program is all at Deerwood - is that rite? That would be helpful to me - i live in jax bch. Anyways, good luck with everything - i'll try not to bug ya too much with pesky questions.
    - sbc8201
  9. by   MikeinFl

    There are 3 guys in our group and 21 women. Every once in a while a patient will ask that the guys step out of the room but it is rare. We have classes at both campuses but next term all of them are at deerwood. They are trying to move most of the classes there. It is a much nicer facility. No problem with asking lots of questions. No one at the FCCJ Nursing Office will help you out most of the time.
  10. by   lovefordogs
    I think I will have about 219 points. Do you think I will get into FCCJ? Anyone out there who has an idea???? Am I coming close? Will I prob. get rejected? Or is my score at the top end?
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  11. by   MikeinFl
    117 points will not make it. The lowest scores are generally in the 185 range to get in. They go up form there into the 200's
  12. by   lovefordogs
    I have 219, I accidentally wrote 117. I thought it was 217, but is really 219, and I accidentally put a 1 instead of a 2
  13. by   lovefordogs
    Do you think I'll make it in with a 219? What are usually the highest scores of people getting in?