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I was going to do some CEU's today before school started and decided to check the BON's website. I'm glad I did because I didn't realize the CEU requirements in Florida has changed since I last... Read More

  1. by   IcharlesRN
    Thank you. You have helped me plenty. I have been trying to find this on the FL BON site and couldn't. GREAT HELP. Thanks!
  2. by   syed2011
    This is my first time i am visiting your site. i too searching for more information on CEU education requirements in Florida., i got few good points over here on Nursing job descriptions.
  3. by   skazka
    Please, help me to understand how all these CE units work. I've been at BON website and it is still not clear for me.
    I got my Florida license in 2010, it is my first license after graduation. I did med errors and HIV as it is required for initial license. My license will expire in 2012. How many CE hours do I need to finish by 2012? What classes are required and what are elective? Can I start do them now or it is better to do them right before expiration? Please, help me to put it straight in my mind.
  4. by   evaldez
    is it ok to do all you ceu's at one time or do you have to do the 1 credit evey month.
  5. by   evaldez
    this ceu situation can be confusing but from my understanding u gotta have one credit ceu every month, every year along with medical errors. domestic violence every third renewal. HIV one time. my only not sure question is can u do all every month ones at one time or do you have to do them every month.
  6. by   didi768
    I see no one answered you. I too am very confused no matter how many times I read about it. No idea when I took Domestic Violence either darn it. Guess we need to keep excellent records.
  7. by   BroomQueen
    are these the ONLY REQUIRED ceu's? i just wrote a thread asking about all the required ones, ive only been lpn 8months and completely forgot about ceus. those are the only thigns i can find that say required online but those are changes, im trying to find out ALL teh required ones i have 4 days left aahh! thanks to any responses
  8. by   paulalav
    Quote from sugarbaby7
    OK all, so we have the amount of renewal CEUS required, now, where can a nurse go online and get free CEU's for renewal of FL license?

    You can go to www.netce.com to get the FREE CEUs required by FL Board of Nursing......and take the test online as well as print out the CEU Certificate....Very easy and fast! Good Luck.
  9. by   didi768
    Where do you see that they are free? I see $$
  10. by   cyram81RN
    I do see the free ones! Thanks for the website and the other one is 10 bucks no biggie. Also check medscape.com to get free ceus too!
  11. by   shenn
    Thanks for this site.
    I visited it today, and found what i needed for free.