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Did anyone already turn in there applications for Fall 2009 @ B.C.? because I am turning mine in next week before the deadline and now I have to wait AGAIN and keep continually looking at my e-mail... Read More

  1. by   jam911
    Quote from sunraygurl
    the last info session i went to, they said the test would not be in effect until august 2010.

    as far as cutoff dates for 2010.....if you took chm in jan, you'd be done in time to apply for aug. i was in that situation myself with a&p2. the grades were out on may 8th and the cutoff was may 15th. is chm the only pre-req you have left? there's an option that you could do, however with your baby due in august it would be too crazy and you'd risk missing class, but there is a 6 week chm class that starts june 29 and ends aug 11. if you took that, you would then be able to apply for jan 2010, since the cutoff date for that is in sept.

    also, how long is the lpn program? isn't it like a year long program? if you took that in october, you'd be out in oct 2010, and then you would not be able to start the lpn transition program until may 2011. if you just wait until aug 2010, by may 2011 you will have 3 semesters left. on the flip side, you are pretty much guaranteed to be in as an lpn in the lpn program since there are not a lot of applicants for it. if your grades are pretty solid, though, then i would just wait it out for aug 2010. if you could take chm this summer before you have your baby, that could be even better.

    so honestly do you think its probably better for me to just wait and do the rn???
    cuz i am fretting about doing the 2 programs and they are so similar, so its like i am doing double work and double stress and double money and worrying about 2 state board tests... help me out lol.. do i make since.. i dont know.. i am new to all of this... need your guidance.. thanks for this site..its so helpful.. suprisinglt there are so many of us in the same situation..
  2. by   GabbsRN
    Well, I can't tell you what's the best thing for you to do. But if the reason you were thinking about going the LPN route was because you didn't think you'd make a cutoff in 2010, then I would NOT go that route. If you were doing it to get started working in a year rather than 2 or 3, and then go back later for your RN, or if your grades weren't that good and you wouldn't have a good chance at making it in, then I'd say go for it. But you have A's in A&P1, and as long as you keep it up, you should be fine. I had a B in Chem, and a B in A&P1 lecture, and everything else I got A's in, so I will let you know soon if my 3.57 GPA was good enough (which they don't round up, so its basically a 3.5 for admission purposes). For the Jan 2009 class, the cutoff was around 3.2 or 3.3.

    The main thing to ask is why do you want to possibly go the LPN route?

    If it costs an extra $4000, and its going to take a year longer to get my RN, and I'm only going to go straight from LPN to RN without even working, I would not go this way. That is just me.
  3. by   jam911
    ThANK YOU VERY MUCH... yes. I just thought that the LPN route will be easier to get into the RN...But knowing me, i will want to go straight in the LPN to RN.... When i called they said that 3.5 would get you in this year.. SO i think that you are straight in regards to that... But i am going to op out and go straight to the RN. and take my chemestry in Jan or a mini in Fall.. If i take Chem in Jan the latest, will i make it for the March - May Cut off date? so i can start in August 2010? how long is it anyway 18 months right...Also, the test that will be giving out to get in in 2010, if i meet the cut off date, will that mean i have to take it too,,, for august,,
  4. by   GabbsRN
    If you're taking Chem in Jan, you will make the cutoff for August. Thats what happened to me this year. I took A&P2 iin Jan. It ended and grades were out on May 8, and May 15 was the cutoff. The program is about 20 months (5 semesters).....if you start in Aug 2010, you will graduate May 2012:
    1st semester:Aug 2010-Dec 2010
    Winter break
    2nd semester: Jan 2011-May 2011
    3rd Semester: May 2011-June 2011 (only 6 weeks, 1st half of the normal summer semester)
    Summer break: 2nd half ofsummer semester- 6weeks
    4th semester: Aug 2011-Dec 2011
    Winter break
    5th semester: Jan 2012-May 2012

    As far as the test goes, if they implement it to start for Aug 2010, then if you are applying for Aug, you will have to take it. Now, I went to a meeting where they said they were going to start it for Jan 2010, and then I went to the next meeting and they said Aug 2010. So, its possible they may push it back again. They've been talking about it for a while now and still nothing. You might get lucky.
  5. by   jam911
    when i called the medical department they advised me that i wont need it for the august term.. but like you said, they are always changing.... who did you take chm with? that means that i wont have to rush and take it in the mini term in the fall sept to dec... you have been so helpful and have so much knoweldge.. i pray i do good in my ap 2 this summer and my chm.. i also live in broward, so thats a point. lol!!!

    lpn october 2009-october 2010 grad lpn
    lpn to rn may 2011-may 2012 grad rn

    and your saying this, so basically i would finish the same time.. did i do my calculation right above? if so, then like you said it does make since to do the straight rn... it all ends in the same month...

    1st semester:aug 2010-dec 2010
    winter break
    2nd semester: jan 2011-may 2011
    3rd semester: may 2011-june 2011 (only 6 weeks, 1st half of the normal summer semester)
    summer break: 2nd half ofsummer semester- 6weeks
    4th semester: aug 2011-dec 2011
    winter break
    5th semester: jan 2012-may 2012

  6. by   GabbsRN
    I took CHM at BC, and the professor I took it with was AWFUL!!!!!!!!! I haven't seen his name around the last few semesters, so I don't know if he's still teaching, but this was before I knew about, lol. Everyone I talked to who took this same guy did not get higher than a C. Somehow, I passed with a was a very low B but a B nonetheless.

    If you graduated the LPN program in Oct 2010, you can apply for the May 2011 LPN.

    1st semester: May 2011-June/Aug (you either get 6 wks off this summer or next summer, don't know which one)
    2nd semester: Aug 2011-Dec 2011
    Winter break
    3rd Semester: Jan 2012-May 2012
    4th Semester: May 2012-June/Aug
    ??? 5th semesrer: Aug 2012-Dec 2012

    Now this is what I'm not sure of.....I can't remember if LPN is 5 semesters or 4. If its 4, you will be out June or Aug 2012. If its 5 then you will be out in Dec 2012. I know the LPN's come in after Nursing Process 1 and 2, but then they have to take a Transition Nursing class, so I don't know if that puts them on track together with those who had to take Process.

    Also, I forgot to mention a plus.......the LPN's don't have to do as much clinical time as the generic students do. However, I personally wouldn't mind having more clinical time because I am a better hands on learner.

    So as an LPN, you'd get out June/Aug, or Dec 2012. I do think it is 5 semesters, though.
  7. by   jam911
    sUN rAY, that means, that it will make more since to do the RN cuz. my graduation for RN will be very close to LPN -RN rgaduation.. Teh smae month, it looks like.. DId i understand the layout right??????

    So what classes do you have to take....

    This is my plan:

    CHM Sept-Dec
    Micro Jan-May
    Pharmacolgy Jan-May.. Not sure if its good or bad to take it with Micro? have to ask around.. Hey or ask you :-)
    if i cant then I will take Pharm in Jan and Micro in Summer
    Oh I might need Dep..

    Or Chm in Jan-May
    Micro and Pharm in the Summer

    I Am hands on and visual.. so yes.. I think i would enjoy clinicals...
  8. by   NewGoalRN
    they won't let you take Pharm unless you are in the nursing program and have started Process 1, trust me on this one. The computer will let you register but then weeks later it will purge your name. If you are successful in reregistering, when you show up fo rthe class, they have a list that they call off to see who is not registered for the nursing program so good luck.

    Regarding the cut off for June 2009, it was around 3.4 with over 700 applicants. The Jan pool was around 500 applicans with a cut off of about 3.1 but then after several weeks, they emailed/call folks who had 2.9gpas up to 3.1 and accepted them even though they were previously rejected. Several people, I know got in for May 2009 but deferred to Aug 2009.

    If you plan to go on for your BSN, when you take Chem, also take the lab even though it is not required. If you are weak in math, brush up on it because they lose quite a few students with the math test.

    Good luck

    I think that before you make a decision you need to find out for sure how many semesters is the LPN-transition course. You can easily do that by going on line and looking it up.

    The only reason I would do the LPN is if you can't make the ASRN deadline due to taking the Chemistry or if you need to work during the 2yrs you will be in school.
  9. by   GabbsRN
    If its 5 semesters for the LPN program, you will get out Dec 2012, vs May 2012 for generic RN (7 months difference).

    If its 4 semesters, then it depends whether or not you have a 6 week or 12 week semester (you get 6 weeks off one of the summers, and the other summer is a full semester). If its a 6 week semester, you're out June 2012 vs May (1 month difference), if its the full summer, you're out Aug 2012 vs May 2012 (3 months difference).

    So you'll have a difference of anywhere from 1 month to 7 months. However, I "think" the LPN program is still about 5 semesters, so I "think" you'd be out in Dec 2012. Plus even if you were out just a month later in the LPN program, you still have to pay the extra $4000 and you have to take another license test.

    I would call on Monday and ask them how many semesters the LPN program is.
  10. by   GabbsRN
    Oh yeah, and I was going to mention that about the pharm class that Newgoal did, but I kept forgetting (kids are crazy here, lol). But yeah, its restricted and they won't let you register for it until your first semester in the program.
  11. by   jam911
    oh,, BCC is a lik different then.. Cuz MDC we can take the Pharm,, Im goign to BCC.. Okay so All i need to do is worry about the Micro for the summer of 2010... Doing Chem in Jan, I should be okay in regards to making the May cut off.. if so many people apply with good grades how do the get the best one
  12. by   NewGoalRN
    I say get as much co-reqs out the way as you can, especially Micro. I know of several people in the program who have not taken micro yet- that is going to be a doozie trying to take micro with other nursing classes- almost suicidal as Micro comprises so much information.

    If you are able to take Chem with Micro and get it over with, I took Micro with AP2 and worked full time- it was fine but I got a whole of the micro notes before class and read the first 4 chapters before class and it helped alot. Micro issn't hard but it is a lot of info but it is doable. I would definitely try to get micro out the way.

    Classes like Intro to computers or humanities you can do with nursing and be fine. Computers is easy but a lot of assignments.
  13. by   EmmyBee
    I would call on Monday and ask them how many semesters the LPN program is.

    I started the LPN transition program on May 12th of this year. They told us we graduate in December 2010, making our program 19 months long. I haven't bothered to figure out exactly how many semesters that is. :wink2:

    It takes long because we have a lot of down time. For instance, our first semester (with the exception of Pharm) ends at the end of June. We don't start up again until the end of August.

    They already had us register for Fall, where we will only be taking Health Alt 1 with lab, the first half of the term. Then when that is over, we take Peds with the lab for the second half of the term.

    So for Fall we will end up with two full days off, and two half days off. I wish they wouldn't do it that way so we could finish faster, but I guess those are the breaks! Hope that sheds some light.
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