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Did anyone already turn in there applications for Fall 2009 @ B.C.? because I am turning mine in next week before the deadline and now I have to wait AGAIN and keep continually looking at my e-mail... Read More

  1. by   kathzky
    Good Luck Everyone * scared*
  2. by   lovrn39
    i called central ..either way they guarantee that the letters will be out before 30 days and monday is day no. 30 exactly!! haha that same thing happened to me,, i logged in to my email and got really excited to see that i had a new message..
  3. by   jam911
    Quote from gabs
    dear faith8 88,
    you should be congratulated on your tenacity. i am in the same boat as you are, basically. please consider the (grape vine) statistics. there are 250 places or so in each rn program (each go 'round). there are over 850 applicants, possibly. they started accepting applications (for the class that begins aug'09) 1 march. 15 may is deadline. i don't know if it's first come first served. that's too simplistic, i know, but just for arguement's sake... maybe it would improve the chances of being accepted if you submit your application within the first day(s) & if your gpa is solid. just a thought.
    very true.. she is applying to late in the year// try and apply when it first opens if you can... good luck.. how do i post my own question?
  4. by   jam911
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    Hello! I am applying for fall 09 as well! I haven't turned in my application yet and the deadline is next friday too! But I am waiting for BCC to evaluate my Chemistry class so I HOPE they can get that done this week. I have an A in anatomy I and II, B in Chem, B in Enc1101... is that good enough? Do they go by program GPA?
    If there is rum left you will get in.. They only look at the AP 1 and Lab, AP 2 and Lab, CHM, ENC1101
  5. by   jam911
    Quote from ohmylove
    Well right now they require the TEAS test.. and I took the NET and they accepted my NET scores becuase I took it before January 2009 which is when the changed it. But i'm not sure what the minimum score is for the teas.
    A TEAS are you sure, I spoke to someone, well a few people within this month and they have not implemented the TEAS yet.. a matter a fact, i dont think it will be the TEAS the lady said they are talking about a test.. but she called it another one.. But they have NO idea when it will be out.. She said so far for 2010 it will not be out..
  6. by   jam911
    Quote from ohmylove
    I just found out that a 73% is the minimum score you have to get on the TEAS
    Please tell me more about the TEAS cuz, they keep telling me that there is no test.. I toolk the teas at Sheridan when i was thinking of getting my LPN, undecided... I passed their test but its graded different... they look at the percentile not the individual percentage... Please tell me more about the TEAS for BCC.. I know they have a TABE....
  7. by   RNnow2016
    Quote from jam911
    Very true.. She is applying to late in the year// Try and apply when it first opens if you can... Good luck.. How do i post my own question?
    Hi! I know it's best to apply at the beginning to turn in your application b/c that's what I did the first 3 times I applied and did not get in b/c of my 2.6 GPA so I took A&P 1 over at FIU to turn that grade from a C to an A which I received and turned my 2.6 to a 3.1GPA. In addition, while BC started to receive applications I was still in A&P1 @ FIU and did not finish until the end of April, then had to wait a week for grades to be processed and wait again for another week for my transcript from FIU to come to my house which it did not come until the day of the deadline. Whew! Believe me if there was any way I could have sent in my application sooner I would have but this situation was out of my control. But hopefully this is this the last time I will apply and receive my acceptance email on Monday or Tuesday
  8. by   GabbsRN

    Currently there is no test at BC. There will be one implemented for the Aug 2010 class, and that test is called HESI. The post you were responding to about the TEAS test was talking about someone who applied also to Seminole CC and there they require the test.

    Also, it doesn't matter whether you applied March 1 or May 15th. They don't even start processing the applications until after the deadline, which is why its taking so long. If they had started processing them as soon as they were turned in, we'd have our acceptance/rejection letters already. I also went to one of the pre-nursing information sessions and asked the question of whether I would have a better chance if I turned my application in earlier rather later and I was told (by the assoc. dean of nursing) that it does not matter in any way when you turn it in. Admission is based on points, which mostly comes from the pre-req GPA. If there are any ties between students, then they look at what gen ed classes you have completed: Micro, Gen Pysch, Humanities, etc.

    I turned my application in on May 8, one week before the deadline.
  9. by   jam911
    Thank you for clearing up the Test I was getting worried.. Okay, I have a question...

    mybaby is due is August, so I cant take CHM in the Fall..I have to take it in, i think the class ends in April or may..

    Do you know if i will make any cut off dates in 2010????

    Cuz i am awondering if ishould do the LPN in October.. I am on the list already for that.. I am so confused...

    When will the entry test be effective???

    So far they told me that the test in not in effect.. Im afraid that one day they are just going to come out and say as of tomorrow, the test will be here :-(
  10. by   GabbsRN
    The last info session I went to, they said the test would not be in effect until August 2010.

    As far as cutoff dates for 2010.....if you took CHM in Jan, you'd be done in time to apply for Aug. I was in that situation myself with A&P2. The grades were out on May 8th and the cutoff was May 15th. Is CHM the only pre-req you have left? There's an option that you could do, however with your baby due in August it would be too crazy and you'd risk missing class, but there is a 6 week CHM class that starts June 29 and ends Aug 11. If you took that, you would then be able to apply for Jan 2010, since the cutoff date for that is in Sept.

    Also, how long is the LPN program? Isn't it like a year long program? If you took that in October, you'd be out in Oct 2010, and then you would not be able to start the LPN transition program until May 2011. If you just wait until Aug 2010, by May 2011 you will have 3 semesters left. On the flip side, you are pretty much guaranteed to be in as an LPN in the LPN program since there are not a lot of applicants for it. If your grades are pretty solid, though, then I would just wait it out for Aug 2010. If you could take CHM this summer before you have your baby, that could be even better.
  11. by   fated
    If the rejection letter is out first, did anyone recieve one yet? Cause It would help if there is any progress going. I can't tell whether BC is really reviewing the applications.
  12. by   GabbsRN
    I know. I haven't heard of anyone hearing anything, good or bad. I guess next week will be it then.
  13. by   fated
    OMG, Why are they taking so long to process a piece of paper? It would only take a day if they didn't have to gather it all at once but process as they go.