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Hi and Congrats to all that starting the RN Accelerated/Part time/Full time/Transitional option this August 2009 at MDC! I have read tons of posts from prior years of former and present MDC RN... Read More

  1. by   Generation1984
    Thank you so much, no i haven't been able to register just yet, i received the call as i was walking into work on Friday, i went online yesterday to attempt to register for classes but all i saw were, generic full/part-time and online class, i was sort of confused, im going to the campus early monday morning to pick-up some papers, but the female who called me stated that she would be on vacation next week and would be returning on the 18th, so im not really to sure on what my next step should be. When you say nearest work force, for WIA grant???? Can you elaborate on this for me.....Im new to this really, im still surprised i got the call (better late than never), i have a lot of catching up to do, but i'm ready for the challenge. I doubt i have a syllabus for any class but, i will have my books by monday afternoon, so i hope i can receive the syllabus by monday night so i can get started asap......
  2. by   MOMMY'SGIRL
    Your going to have your books by Monday afternoon so you probably don't need it, b/c it pays for the books, but what area do you live in. Thats a grant that pays for tuition, books, and supplies! You have to call your local workforce location, they will transfer you to the caseworker. Most of us on this site already have it.

    If she won't be back until the 18th, you will be fine. The most important thing in that packet is your booklist b/c you probably want to start reading!

    As for the syllabus, I can try to see if there is a way for me to forward the syllabus to you via private message through this site. I don't think there is???
  3. by   Generation1984
    Thanks MG for your help, i live in the pembroke pines/miramar area im getting the books from a close friend who is in the generic full-time, but she's either on her 3rd or 4th semester im not to sure, but i would really appreciate it if you would some how get me the syllabus. I have alot of stuff to handle tomorrow, so much to do with such little time. :-)
  4. by   Generation1984
    the website wont let me send any private message until i reach 15+ post :-(
  5. by   iwannabanRN
    Mommy'sGirl-are you in accelerated or generic? I am in generic and have not received a syllabus from any professor... Am i the only one that has not received anything??????

    Thanks in advance-
  6. by   Jessica1024
    I think about a week or two before the will send you something. I would enjoy my time off.
  7. by   MOMMY'SGIRL
    [quote=iwannabanRN;3781844] Mommy'sGirl-are you in accelerated or generic? I am in generic and have not received a syllabus from any professor... Am i the only one that has not received anything??????

    I'm in the accelerated program. The professors are different, you will probably get it on the first day of class, b/c I think a previous student from generic said they never rec'v a syllabus before hand. I could send it to you if you want; however, it's only going to confuse you b/c we have way more to focus on than generic!

    Best Wishes
  8. by   Generation1984
    Hi mommysgirl can u pm me your email so i can, get the syllabus from you please, im attempting to register for my classes online but it wont let me register for Fundamentals Lec, nor Intro Math/Pharm, i have to go see an advisor to over ride the the class to let me in... Thanks in advance
  9. by   Jessica1024
    That first semester is a lot of stress. It only gets worse too. Its amazing how insane school can get.
  10. by   rostata
    mommy's girl, would it be possible to have the copy of the syllabus? Although, I'm taking generic, I would like to have an idea even though yours is accelerated. Thank you.
  11. by   MOMMY'SGIRL
    Yes; however, you have to PM me your email, b/c there is no way to send an attachment via this site.
  12. by   daisymei
    Mommy'sgirl: I have a quick question if you don't mind. I read in prior posts that we could get refunded for previous school-related expenses through South Florida Workforce. Did you get refunded for your seat deposit, background check, urinalysis etcetera?
  13. by   Jessica1024
    The seat deposit does get paid back because they include it as payment for your classes. So for the deposit I would not worry.