Any info on IL vs FL pay scale?

  1. Greetings from Illinois! I will be graduating with an Associate's Degree in Nursing (RN) in May 2005. My husband feels strongly about moving to Florida soon after that. My question is, how advisable is it to move so soon after graduating when in all likelihood I will not have yet obtained my RN license? My concern is that my education and training in Illinois will not translate in FL, and I might have to take extra courses to get a FL license. My husband is making things very difficult and confusing for me . In addition, I've heard that FL does not pay as well as Chicago area, is this true? I hope someone out there can help me sort through my options. Thank you.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    First, there is only one exam to take to practice as a nurse in the US. It is good for all 50 states and is called NCLEX. Florida does require some very specific CEUs to obtain their license, and I believe that most can actually be done on the computer.
    If you are definitely going to be moving to Florida, then when you apply to take the NCLEX exam, you would apply only to the Florida Board of Nursing, unless you want to spend the extra money for a license in Illinois.
    There is a big difference between the salaries in Florida and the amount of money that you can make in Chicago..................with Chicago being on the top.

    Hope that this helps..................
  4. by   mszar
    So moving to FL will definitely entail some extra procedures, whether or not I already have an IL license. You are right about the costs, though: am I willing to get a license in IL as well? I am really stressing out on this, though it's still a year away. I really want to stay here: my relatives are here, my training is here, and things will be so much simpler for me if I stay, and as you said the pay is better here (I was quite taken aback by your statement that there is a "big difference" in pay between IL and FL. I have to research this some more.) Moving is such a big step, I want to make sure it will be worth it IF we do it. Thanks ever so much for your reply.
  5. by   caroladybelle
    Yes, getting a Florida license takes a long time.

    No, the pay rate blows.

    (put Florida in the "search" option...numerous threads on this subject)
  6. by   WhiteCaps
    Since you love your Chicago home, I would suggest getting BOTH a IL and a FL license. That way you can always go back there to work if you and your husband decide you prefer the cold, traffic, and gray skies to the sunshine and mild winters.
    Yes, the pay in FL is terrible, but the taxes are better and you don't have to spend money on snow blowers or winter coats.
    As for me, I'll take FL anyday.
  7. by   vina2550
    I Am Not A Nurse But Intend To Be One Someday I Am Also From IL And Moved To Fl Almost 5 Years Ago. Just Want To Tell You Taxes On Your House Will Be Expensive Since Fl Is Hurricane Happy. But Our Govenor Is Working On Getting Them Lowered, Who Knows When That Will Actually Happen Though. Look Into That Before Moving. I Didnt Want To Move Either But Like You My Husband Insisted. Well Good Luck To You.
  8. by   MB37
    Yeah, there's no state income tax. We just make up for it with extremely high sales taxes and a property tax system that heavily penalizes people from out of state, second home owners, renters, and first time buyers (for now at least - the legislature is at least talking about a property tax revamp, so that could change this summer).
  9. by   lorita
    We moved here from western Michigan 12/05 and my wages are the same as there but west mich also has low wages. I'm sure Chicago wages are better. I love where we live here in Florida and am glad we came here. I don't like winter and don't miss those gray skies. I had no trouble getting my endorsement here. If you plan to move here go to the florida doh web site o either tae the nclex or apply for endorsement.